SHOP HALIKA DITO: The First Poshmark Sale

I did it! I finally sold something from my Poshmark store.

Find it (and my store) here:

Silly old me had a ThredUp bag sitting in my closet at my parents' house for a very long time.  I was too lazy to sell my clothes myself and ended up being too lazy to even send the ThredUp bag out for someone else to sell my clothes.  Luckily that laziness resulted in all the clothes currently in my Poshmark closet.

This Adidas hoodie was an impulse purchase at the Adidas store on the Santa Monica Promenade.  I got it in a Large, and I ended up never wearing it because I had too many printed workout pants.  I wasn't even sure that ThredUp would take it but it seemed like someone might want it.  It's actually shocking to me that out of all my cool clothes, this is the piece that sold first.

I sold it on offer for $30.  I originally listed it for $40, so the buyer got $10 off.
Poshmark takes 20% of every sale, so I ended up with a $24 profit on this sale.
Not amazing profit, but I probably bought this sweater around $30 and wore it a few times, and its better than the $0 I would have gotten from donating to Goodwill.

I've sold 3 more things thus far, and soon I will feel like I can actually go out and buy inventory instead of just selling my old belongings! I am going to try to implement a one in one out system in the future, where I can only buy new things based on the amount of stuff I sold, and sort of hold myself to a max capacity of items.

We'll see if I ever get there.

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