SHOP HALIKA DITO: My First Trip Sourcing for Inventory

Since I have now sold 6 of my items from my personal closet, I felt that it was finally time that I allow myself to GO SHOPPING!

I think reselling is the perfect job for me because I think my true passion in life is shopping for deals.  Reselling allows me to shop and make money at the same time! Well maybe not at the same time, it's actually more like a week or two later when the item actually sells...

There's a really nice Goodwill in San Francisco on my walk back to Bart from my office, but the last two times I went I felt that there weren't really any good brands in stock.  I saw some Roger Vivier pumps in a size 9, but the bottom of the shoe said "Made in P.R.C" instead of "Made in Italy" and that really threw me off.  PRC is apparently People's Republic of China, and I couldn't find any other Roger Vivier shoes that had that stamp.  That indicated to me that they were fake, but also if they were fake, why would they be honest about the PRC thing? Doesn't make sense. Might have also been "made for outlet" shoes.  In any event, I carried them around and ultimately didn't buy them.

This last trip, I tried to give myself a budget of $20 to spend.  That, of course, did not happen.

I spent $30 on 4 items. Two DVF pieces, an Equipment silk blouse, and a J.Crew x Liberty button up shirt.

I spent quite a long time in the store, but I definitely enjoyed every moment of it.  I picked up a Rebecca Taylor blouse, but ultimately put it back because I wasn't sure how much it would sell for, and it was a little too boho for my vibe. Speaking of boho, one of the DVF pieces I picked up is definitely too boho for my taste but it was such a cool piece in excellent condition I didn't think about its vibe or how it would be worn at all.  I considered just bringing it to Crossroads and taking whatever store credit they would give me to put towards a new piece, but I ended up listing it anyway.  I still might bring it to Crossroads if no one buys it in a week. I can be patient.  I'm already itching to make more sales though so I can go out and buy more inventory!

I know I have another bin under my bed at my parents' house that has a ton more inventory/clothes I meant to sell but never did.  When I go home this weekend, I'll pick it up and start listing everything in there.

I've really been into watching reseller youtube (really an untapped industry so far) and the full-time resellers have really inspired me.  They have walls of boxes of inventory stacked in their rooms, which I obviously don't have space for, but I guess having thousands of active listings is the only way to make 6 figures doing this work (I have 20 active listings).  Their process is amazing and has already helped streamline and give me ideas on how to run my closet. After watching Empty Hanger, I bought a pack of the inventory bags that  she uses off of her link on Amazon.  I thought they would help with storage but they also sort of take up more room than the way I was previously folding things.  They do look the clothes look more professional, help me feel more professional, and I think will really help in my presentation in the long run.  Packaging is still an issue for me, but hopefully that's something I will get the hang of soon.

Hopefully my items sell soon and I can go out shopping for more!

I will keep you apprised accordingly.

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