Shop Halika Dito: Creating My Poshmark Account

So I've had previous experience selling my old clothes.  I started with eBay, moved to Poshmark, and even Crossroads.  Each is a step towards peak laziness in the resale market.  I stopped because my stuff pretty much stopped selling.  My old poshmark account still has active listed items, but no one was buying them and I deleted the app.

I decided to start fresh, especially since I'm trying to make Halika Dito a real brand.  Accordingly,  I redownloaded the app and created a new poshmark profile with the handle @halikadito.

It has been at least one week and I have over 150 followers but I haven't posted any items for sale yet (Poshmark automatically gives new users random people to follow, which apparently now includes me).

As of this morning, I have already purchased two items on Poshmark with my new account, without listing any of my own. This is not going well.  However, I rationalized these purchases by thinking they could fill out my inventory of things "I want" and will definitely use, but also am willing to sell at the right price.  I got an amazing houndstooth vintage Valentino blazer for $35 and a cool rounded vintage Stuart Weitzman round mini top handle bag for $13.  Absolutely worth it.


Back to selling.  Could I resell these things? Definitely.  Could I make a profit?  Probably.  These were items that appeared to be sitting in these sellers' closets for months.  I actually really like these items and I'm hoping that I can incorporate them into my actual wardrobe and eventually list them at a price that would be worth it for me to part with them.  They aren't pieces that I would let go of too quickly, especially not for the prices at which I bought them.

I want to focus on vintage designer items that can be worn by chic yuppies in the city.  I basically want to curate a shop of items that I would want to buy myself.  Which, since I'll be doing the buying, should be relatively easy.  I just need to remind myself not to get caught in the trap of buying things just because they are cheap.  Potentially if I can actually continuously buy and sell things (and not overload my tiny apartment with inventory) I will expand to items that are out of my size range.

Starting with clothes already in my closet that I am no longer using seems like the smartest way to start, but not all of the clothes I'm getting rid of necessarily go with this vibe I'm trying to start for my store.  I might take some of the ones that won't necessarily move well on Poshmark to Crossroads and see if they will take them.

All it takes is for me to actually start taking pictures of the items and listing them.  We just got a marble-top coffee table so that should help with some flat lays.  I also ordered a bunch of priority mail shipping boxes from USPS (they are free!). ALSO, I ordered a tripod to take outfit pictures on my own since Andrew is not as into the idea of standing around and taking photos for me. Hopefully within a week of posting this I can report back on some listings that I've posted and maybe already sold.  Fingers crossed!

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