Creating a Wedding LEWK as a Bridesmaid

I'm going to my best friend's wedding, as a bridesmaid. I've been a flower girl many a time, but I have yet to be in a wedding party as an adult.  It's totally an honor, but it also means I have to wear a bridesmaids dress for the entirety of the wedding.

This is what I'm going to be wearing, along with the rest of the wedding party. 

Ok, ok. Right. The wedding is obviously not about me and I'm not supposed to stand out. It's about her! The bride!  However, I cannot waste an opportunity when I'm getting both my makeup and hair done to create a full lewk.  It's an even more fun challenge to try to make a lewk with a bridesmaids dress.

So the dress is set. It should be a simple dress in a nice deep teal.  How can I make a lewk? The only current variables are the earrings, purse, and shoes.  Hopefully the earrings and purse don't suddenly get chosen for us as well.

We do not have to get matching shoes, so that everyone can get whatever heel height they want, but the bride would like everyone to wear nude sandals.

Luckily (or unluckily, for my credit card) I don't actually have any nude sandals ...thataregoodforweddings.  I do actually have approximately 3 pairs of nude heels that I can wear if I don't end up finding a good pair. Two aren't technically "nude," but they are more of a tan, which I don't think will really go with this dress, and they are suede, making them a little too casual.  I'm looking for a blush nude leather pair of shoes that seem wedding-appropriate, that I can wear to both weddings I have scheduled for this fall.

Now that I'm supposed to be selling stuff on Poshmark, I actually spend a lot of my life online shopping through the app.  Currently I am on the hunt for cute vintage designer mini bags and blazers, nude sandals for this wedding, and a yellow dress for my Amal Clooney wedding lewk.

I already have the purse picked out, its the same purse that inspired me to start my non-existent store, the vintage bead bag that I bought on etsy a few weeks ago.  My mom actually wore it to a wedding last weekend, so we are really getting our money's worth out of that thing.  I like it because it's not too big or casual (so appropriate for a wedding), it's trendy in a way the people at the wedding definitely will not understand, and it's unique and very likely that no one else will have it.


For another wedding-lewk-as-a-bridesmaid bag (since you can't get mine), I would suggest a top handle (as when else can you use those inconvenient top handle bags but at a wedding) similar to that vintage Stuart Weitzman I also just bought on Poshmark.  I also think a good ring-handle or drawstring pouch bag would look very cool with a bridesmaids dress.  Just make sure your phone fits in it.

I'm not sure if we are even allowed to wear earrings at this point, or if we can deviate at all, so I'm not going to even go into that yet.

As discussed above, I'm missing shoes. I have been stalking Poshmark for nude sandals in size 7.5 that are interesting and can go with several wedding lewks but also not too basic.  I've narrowed it down somewhat to the following:


Left: See by Chloe Star Perforated Sandals // Right: Gucci Slingback Tortoise Wedges

These above are obviously the cooler and less basic options.  I LOVE both but I'm not sure that they will really "go" with that much stuff.  But isn't that also the best part and what makes them less basic?  I was really on the verge of making an offer on both of them, but I've managed to hold off this far probably because I keep seeing more cute and reasonably priced nude sandals.  The other thing about Poshmark is that there's really no return policy so if they don't fit then that's pretty much it.  You can't return them but I guess you can try to resell them which is a huge hassle (especially if you can't even get yourself to list your own stuff).  I'm close to "unliking" the See by Chloe heels because I just can't see them working with anything but the bridesmaids dress and they also look prettty uncomfortable.  The Gucci wedges seem like classics.  I feel like I could wear these all the time, but I also know that I most definitely won't. I love a tortoise.  Turtles are my favorite animals. The other thing is that they are definitely a cream, not a nude, but who's counting. 


Left: Rebecca Minkoff Christy Nude Block Heels / Right: Stuart Weitzman Nude Wedges

I'm pretty close on these two.  They both pretty much look the same, they are both basic chunky nude sandals.  The SWs are obviously way cheaper, but I'm also sort of over wedges at this point.  I do feel like I should get over that for the sake of cheaper-but-still-nice wedding shoes.  It's not like I'm really going to wear either pair in a context other than a wedding.  I mean maybe for another nice outdoor cocktail reception? Although my invitations to those seem to be few and far between.  Anyway, both the RM and SWs are basically never-worn. The RMs are a newer style, as reflected by the price tag. The SWs are fine but something about the heel cap throws me off.  I really like the block heel and the tie-back of the RMs. The seller sent a private offer for $89 on the RMs, but I still feel like I should hold back on buying more shoes on an internet platform from which I cannot return.  Plus I don't even have my bridesmaids dress to try on with the shoes yet.  The RMs might be too casual and I might be in denial about it.  It will haunt me if someone else buys them though. 

The Gucci slingbacks are calling my name again... they are classy but probably easy to walk in and just the right amount of showy (they have a small metal GG logo on the outside of the wedge heels).  Maybe if I can score a sweet deal on them I'll get them.  Also, maybe if I finally sell some stuff on the app I can get them.  I clearly need some sort of incentive on both ends to get myself to do anything. 

I will keep you posted.  The earrings will likely be another story.  I love a good statement earring.

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