HOW TO: Watch a Musical By Yourself

Step 1: Have no friends

Step 2: Have no friends that like musicals.

Step 3: Have no friends that like musicals enough to watch them on a random weekday with you after work.

Step 4: See that Conrad Ricamora is starring in a musical that ends in one week.

Step 5: Realize you do have friends so your calendar that weekend is full and you can't watch the show then.

Step 6: See if you can get cheap tickets.

Step 7: Decide how much you want to see the show before it ends.

Step 8: Buy one ticket approximately 5 hours before the show starts.

Step 9: Look for will call to pick up your one ticket.

Step 10: Walk to the orchestra seats.

Step 11: Look for your row. Find your row with one couple sitting in it.

Step 12: Check your ticket and see that your seat is right ndcg to them.

Step 13: Sit down and hope that the row fills out and that you don’t have to be sitting awkwardly close to these people for no reason.

Step 14: As the lights dim, realize there are still 4 empty seats next to you.

Step 15: Try to block it out and enjoy the show!

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