New Apartment Inspo

I'm moving again! This time, out of my parents' house, and into an apartment with Andrew.  I got rid of most of my (ikea) furniture when I moved back from LA, and am using the rest of my furniture in my room at my parents' house, so the new place will be a mix of Andrew's furniture from his LA apartment and new stuff that I plan on buying.

Planning a new apartment together is its own struggle and probably warrants its own post, but we've mainly decided to use the furniture he does have for now, and replace things when we find things we like/can afford.  So far, we are using his: bed, couch, tv stand, tv, and coffee table. I am still interested in getting a new coffee table. We also need dresser(s) and somewhere to put our shoes.

I would say the intended vibe right now is unisex, collected, mid-century modern.  Whether Andrew would say that is a different story.

All I am sure of is that I want this coffee table from West Elm,

Billy bookcases with glass doors for our shoes,

Source: Ikea

and a big mirror for selfies.

Source: Style Fragment

Oh, and a breakfast nook like this.

Source: Cup of Jo

For the bedroom, I'm really inspired by my favorite movie of all time, The Intern.

Source: AD
Unfortunately our bedroom is approximately half the size of the one in the movie.
We will see how much room is left for additional wants once we actually get the furniture in.

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