My "Stop-Buying" List

I recently came across an amazing piece of financial advice that I had never previously considered. It's to make a "stop-buying" list. I am great at making lists of things I need to buy and I'm even better at finding things that I never knew I needed to buy and buying them.  Especially since I haven't been paying rent at home, I've been feeling flush with cash and especially eager to swipe my cards.  Now that I'm going to be paying rent again, I really need to TONE IT DOWN. This "Stop-Buying" list seems like a pretty good solution, because I do seem to keep buying the same things that I don't really need over and over again.

1. Books
Ok, this may seem counter-intuitive to someone who doesn't know me, but I'm obsessed with buying books and have somehow convinced myself that they are a 100% productive use of my money. Which they are. As long as I actually read them. However, I am grossly out-buying books for my actual reading pace.  I have at least 15 NEW books that are on my to-read list. I need to start actually making some headway into those books until I start buying books again. At the very least, I can try to stop buying 4 books at a time every time I walk into a bookstore. I should probably just stay out of bookstores generally and maybe pop into a library. In any event, this would be a VERY easy way for me to save money. Books are expensive! I also refuse to buy books on Amazon so I'm paying list price! It needs to stop.

2. Sunglasses
I am obsessed with sunglasses. Nordstrom Rack recently started getting Celine sunglasses and it takes a lot of hard work for me to put them back on the rack every time I go in a store.  I already have two pairs so you would think I don't need anymore, but you would be wrong.  They are $150 each, so very fairly priced for Celine, but since there are so many options I have a hard time choosing just one. Which helps, in the long run, because then I don't buy any.  I sort of resigned myself to only allowing a purchase if I find a pair on clearance, which has yet to happen.  However, I really still shouldn't buy them. However, they are my favorite sunglasses and another quality pair wouldn't hurt.  Clearly this is still up for debate.  What I really mean by "sunglasses" is "sunglasses that aren't Celine sunglasses."

3. Candles
I love candles but I don't burn through them quickly enough it seems, because I still have some that were purchased in college. So there's that.  The other problem is that my taste in candles has evolved from B&BW candles and I want bougie candles and I really should save my money.  I recently almost bought a candle at West Elm that had rainbow hearts on the outside and said "Love is Love" on the inside. I still slightly regret not buying it, but now that I am making this list, I am actually proud of myself for resisting.

4. Mugs
I love a mug. I love mugs that say funny things, mugs that are by Kate Spade, and mugs that are shaped like animals. I have multiples of all of the above. I do NOT need more. A girl can only drink out of so many mugs.

5. Stuffed Animals
This shouldn't even need an explanation but somehow it does. What 28 year old is still BUYING stuffed animals?  One that is obsessed with Takashi Murakami, that's who.  Uniqlo came out with a Doraemon x Murakami collab and I had to get it.  Other than that, sometimes I can feel the pull of the stuffed animals in the Disney store or elsewhere.  Tsum Tsums and Ufufys should also be added to this list.

6. Wall Art
Now that I don't have my own apartment, and will have to share with another person probably forever, I don't have unlimited wall space or unlimited say in prints.  That being said, I did order a Berkeley Food Pyramid Print and a book of Dave Eggers prints for the new place. That should be it though!! That better be it.

7. Jeans
This seems like it will be difficult, despite the fact that I do already have at least 12 pairs of jeans that I do wear. I always feel like I could use a new pair of jeans. I wear jeans to the office so that's part of the explanation, but I definitely don't have a need for any more.

8. White Button Up Shirts
This should be easy. I already have at least 10.

9. Graphic T-Shirts
I've loved graphic Ts since I was in middle school and in an Abercrombie/Hollister moment. Now that I'm a "professional," I need to stop.  Plus the trend is probably on its way out anyway.

10. Workout Headbands
I always buy these because I do need these for my baby hairs when I work out, but I never seem to remember to actually use them when I work out. I have enough now that already don't get used, I should not be adding to the mess.

11. Backpacks
Full disclosure, I just ordered a Tumi backpack two days ago. I needed a professional commuter backpack! My Fjallraven Kanken was looking too juvenile and unprofessional! My Pashli backpack is too heavy for my 2 mile walk to work! My lululemon gym backpack is flimsy and the strap is threatening to come loose! I have two other smaller backpacks as well that wouldn't fit my work stuff. I also still have a North Face Isabella backpack that I used in college and law school. I do not need any more backpacks.

12. Tote bags
I love a tote bag like I love a mug. They are cheap and can say funny things! I already have 2 leather tote bags, 2 nylon tote bags, and various canvas tote bags that I don't even know about. I do not need more. I don't even like carrying tote bags because they make me uneven and hurt my back. It needs to stop!

13. Baseball caps.
In the last two years I have probably amassed 8 new baseball caps.  Now I am starting to think I have a problem.

14. Hoop Earrings
Although I really want those Alison Lou Lucite earrings which are very different from any of the earrings I currently own and all the cool girls are wearing them (see, e.g., Blake Lively, Tracee Ellis Ross). Yes, I have a problem.

15. Makeup
I'm just not a makeup person and especially not a lipstick person and I really need to stop. It's hard though when I keep thinking a given new lip product will suddenly make me a lip product person. It has not happened with the past 20 products I've purchased. I don't have a need for any colors outside of those I already own. The only exception to this is if the products I regularly use run out. But not before then!

Hopefully this list helps. Just thinking through the list has already stopped me from buying a t-shirt from The Cut.  It's also easy to list certain things when I've already made the purchases (i.e. the backpack and the wall art).

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