I am newly obsessed with making plans for the simple fact that I can plan a LEWK for them.  This fervor for fashion is really what I've been missing for a large chunk of my life.  Now I'm all about planning ahead and carefully thinking about what is going to look best for a given occasion.  It's all part of that polished lifestyle I'm trying to live this year. It's also thanks a lot in part to the bookmark feature on Instagram. It's really changed how I plan my vibes and outfits.

My next big trip is Italy in the middle of August.  It's supposed to be weather similar to San Francisco, but for some reason I keep planning my outfits as if its going to be summer in Capri. I'm slowly getting out of that headspace and into something a little bit more reasonable.  A girl can dream though.

Things I Bought
Banana Republic Pink Pantsuit
Asos Floral Off-The-Shoulder Maxi Dress
Joie Camel Sandals
J. Crew Black One Piece Swimsuit
J. Crew Camel Sweater Blazer
Lo & Sons Waverley
Commes des Garcons x Converse low top sneakers
Uniqlo Grey Linen Pants
Uniqlo White Camisole

We are essentially going to be in Rome for 2 days, the wedding villa outside of Florence for 2 days, and Florence for 2.5 days.  The vibes I'm going for are chic, romantic, and nature-inspired. I wanted to say "summery" but I really need to get myself out of that mindset. It's still going to be spring and it is probably going to be cold! It might even rain!

Since we only have two days, we will probably do a day of sight seeing and a day of shopping and eating. At least, that's how I would have it. We will see when we actually get there.  I want to channel Audrey Hepburn in Roman Holiday for my Rome lewks. This actually makes it quite easy because I basically already have one outfit planned. The one lewk that is all over the internet when you search "Roman Holiday" lol!


Sorry my mirror is dirty but I was too busy trying on clothes to go downstairs for windex.

It's basically a longer circle skirt (gonna, in Italian) , a short sleeve white button up shirt (camicia), and a neck scarf (not scarpa...scarpa is shoe... hmm).  She wears ballet flats in the movie but that's not happening for me. This is where the white tennis shoes (scarpes) should come in.


I don't want to look too cliche, but WHEN IN ROME RIGHT? Is wearing a neck scarf in rome like wearing a beret in Paris? I hope so.

As for the other day, probably the pantsuit pants with my navy striped long sleeve and red Gucci belt, and the tennis shoes again. I don't want to wear running shoes. I want to only bring leather tennis shoes and look CHIC and not like a tourist. If the pantsuit doesn't happen, I'm going to buy linen or cotton paper bag pants in a khaki, likely from Uniqlo. I'm into it. A very Emma Hill on vacation lewk.

My cousin's wedding is at Villa Fiesole outside of Florence. There's a pre-wedding dinner the night before, then the actual wedding.

For the pre-wedding dinner, there doesn't seem to be a dress code. I really want to wear my pastel pink suit to this. I'm into wearing a pastel pantsuit because its cool and fun but still not casual and no one else will be wearing one.  Plus it's only a spring wedding or Easter that a girl can really wear a pastel pantsuit amirite? Hopefully I'm not right though because if I keep any of the suits I want to be able to re-wear them. I also hope to wear the pantsuit with a nice cream silk cami. That will have to go on the list of "things to buy" if the pantsuits end up working out.  A pantsuit might be too fashun.

If the pantsuit thing doesn't work out, I'll probably just wear this anthropologie dress I wore to my law school graduation with my red Gucci belt. Sort of boring but nice and Italian.


For the actual ceremony and reception, the dress code is "floral or pastel" maxi dresses for females.  I ordered this dress from ASOS last summer when I was still living in LA lol! But it's perfect and it does scream romantic Italian wedding to me.  I also saw Tahani wearing it on the Good Place so I know I made the right decision. I'm going to bring my J.Crew Sweater Blazer to wear over it as an alternative to a shawl or cardigan.  My personal brand is becoming very blazer-centric. That's me trying to be perceived as a professional woman and not a teenager. I really can't be buying anymore trendy teenager-type clothes. Everything needs to be ELEVATED.

The only thing I have planned in Florence is a trip to GUCCI GARDEN.  To which I will obviously wear my Gucci belt, the only Gucci item I own.  Probably with either the linen pants or pink suit pants and the CDG shoes.  We were also going to go to The Mall, the ultimate luxury outlet also just outside of Florence, but I don't think we are still going. We only have 2 real days in Florence so not sure that I want to spend one at the outlets where I probably won't buy anything anyway.  Wasting a day there would probably make me buy something I don't even care about just to make the trip worth it. The other days will then probably mostly be seeing the sights and museums.


I can't wait for the instagrams. I'm going to need to start storing potential captions in my mind.

I will keep you apprised accordingly.


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