Important Considerations for your Law Firm Photo

This is what I got. 

Your outfit. Check what all the other attorneys in your firm are wearing in their photos. For my firm, most of the female associates were wearing a blazer and some sort of cream blouse. I, ever the originalist, decided I would follow this up to the blazer standpoint, and then wear my uniform white button up underneath. I realize now that the reason females don’t typically wear this outfit in their law firm photos is because it makes them look like a police detective, like I do. It’s fine, but next time I would prefer to perhaps wear some sort of striking-colored blouse underneath my blazer, just to show my personality. Also, I just brought my Zara blazer that I wear all the time, but isn’t the most tailored. I didn’t wear a suit blazer because I didn’t think the blazer would really make a difference.  I was much more concerned about my face.  Unfortunately, the wrinkles in my cheap Zara blazer were evident in the photos and I felt like the fit of it actually made me look wider. A more tailored and nice blazer is important!  

Accessories. Wearing cool accessories in your law firm picture seems to be an overlooked opportunity to add some flair to the photo. I’m talking about earrings, a necklace, and a lippie. Again, checking my law firm website, many pearl necklaces were worn, with nude lipstick (if any).  I wanted to highlight my earring choice and decision to wear a raspberry lip color the most. I opted not to wear a necklace because I don’t really wear necklaces anyway. I wanted the photo to reflect more of how I actually look.

Hair. I walk at least 30 minutes to work in the cold every day, and I wake up at an ungodly hour that does not really lend itself to having great hair. Enter: DryBar. I had never been to DryBar before this, as I thought spending $45 on a blowout was ridiculous. For some reason, maybe because I no longer pay rent and I feel like I’m swimming in cash, this no longer felt like a ridiculous amount anymore and actually felt like the most logical choice before a law firm photo. This was my first law firm photo! My last firm did not care enough to even get my name on their website for the entire year I was working there as an attorney.

Makeup. Most professional photographers will “gently photoshop” your photo to make it look as good as possible, because it makes them as photographers look as good as possible. I still touched up my concealer but I forgot powder – which in hindsight had the opposite intended effect. I was sweating under the bright studio light and looked so shiny in the gallery of un-retouched photos that it was hard to concentrate on what photo was actually good. She ended up photoshopping any redness out so I didn’t have to worry about the foundation. I did forget to put mascara on though so I felt like I didn’t look as pretty as I could have. I don’t wear mascara on a regular basis anyway though so I guess the photo is a truer depiction of how I actually look.

This is what I hoped my photo would look like. 

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