Most-Worn Items of 2017

Ok so I don't actually track how many times I wear things, so this is mostly based on a review of my camera roll. Hopefully this exercise helps with my future purchases and should also help me identify what I can get rid of because I like these other clothes so much more.

This outfit, taken in the elevator mirror of my old law firm, contains almost all of my most-worn items of 2017. In this last month of 2017, I no longer have an elevator with a large mirror for outfit selfies, and I have a long walk to work in the frigid cold of San Francisco, so my outfits are probably going to be very different in 2018. The following are clearly my favorite items though because I wear them all the time! You can see them all over my instagram as well.

J.Crew Striped Turtleneck


I bought this in a women's XL for the express purpose of wearing them with leggings. I had no idea how much I was going to love this turtleneck. I do wear it with leggings but also am into tucking it into jeans and wearing under blazers or my trench coat. It fits into my general idea that black and white clothes look the most clean/sharp, and counteracts the bagginess of it so I don't look like as much of a slob, even though I'm basically just wearing a large piece of fabric.

Banana Republic Trench Coat


I dream of one day owning a Burberry trench, but this is pretty good for now. I managed to buy this on sale about 2 years ago and it's still going strong. At first I was only really wearing it when it rained, but it doesn't even have a hood. I like the British vibe it gives my looks, and I feel like I always look polished when I'm wearing it. It even goes with my workout clothes when I'm on the ferry post-Bay club. I've started wearing it in SF when the weather is going to be above 52 degrees that day and I feel like my J.Crew cocoon coat might be too thick.

Gap Navy Striped Long Sleeve Shirt


I don't know when I bought this shirt, but I know it was probably on clearance at Gap for under $10. Who knew it was going to be one of my favorite shirts? It's because of this shirt that I know I would love and wear a CDG shirt. It essentially looks just like the CDG shirts without the little heart. When I wear it with a jacket, you can't even tell that it's not a CDG shirt. I think if I did get a CDG shirt I wouldn't get a navy stripe (especially because Andrew has that exact one) but I would maybe get a green stripe or polka dot. I like this shirt because it is a throw-on but somehow the stripes make my outfits look more polished, just like that oversized striped turtleneck.

Louise et Cie Patent Oxfords


I have been wanting some oxfords or loafers to wear to work in the winter that I can wear "dress socks" with. I've tried another pair from Madewell, but it was uncomfortable and wasn't patent so the look was a little too manly. I feel like the patent leather of these shoes makes them look a little more flashy and feminine, even though they are very manly shoes. I'm obsessed with them. They are pretty comfortable because I always wear socks with them. I feel like they look best though with an exposed ankle. I have a lot of thoughts about the requirement of exposed ankles for girls to look feminine, but that's for another post.

J.Crew Factory Black and White Sleeveless Blouse


I'm obsessed with tops that can function as office-appropriate but are still wearable in my regular life. I bought this top on a whim while outlet shopping, and it's become one of my most-worn tops. It doesn't get photographed that often, but it goes with almost all of my clothes. Actually I would say it does go with all of my clothes. I buy mostly black/white clothes for this exact reason. When I branch out and buy colorful or patterned clothes, I never wear them as much. That would explain why none of those patterned things made it onto this list.

Gap Navy Faux Fur Collar Utility Jacket


I had originally purchased the men’s JW Anderson x Uniqlo utility jacket in an olive color, but I wore it out once and it was too big and boxy and not very flattering. It definitely looked like a hunting jacket. The same day I returned the jacket, I just happened into Gap. I don’t typically go to Gap but I was interested in getting one of their holiday striped sweaters. An olive satin bomber with pink faux fur initially caught my eye but it was too puffy for the look I was going for. Randomly in the clearance section a navy faux fur puff caught my eye and I decided to try it on. It was the exact look I was going for. I wear this jacket all the time now, although most days walking to work in SF necessitate something a little thicker. It’s a great weekend jacket now and my mom has been stealing it out of my closet to wear too.

Brooks Brothers White Non-Iron Button Ups


I asked for a bunch of these for my birthday last year because I thought they would become my work uniform and I would wear them to work every day with different bottoms and different jackets. This essentially has happened, but I forgot how high maintenance white tops are. They stain easily (sigh to pasta sauce and coffee) and the armpit areas also start to yellow after a lot of wear. My mom was able to bleach them recently and they look good as new! I don't know how many bleach sessions they will be able to undergo though. I love the look of white button ups, but probably the next version I will try to find from somewhere other than Brooks Brothers. Lands End seemed to have some good non-iron button ups for a fraction of the price.

J. Crew Cocoon Coat


This coat used to only come out when I was home for Christmas. Now that I'm permanently home this winter, it has been saving my life on my walks in the brisk SF weather. I love this coat, it makes me look sooooo chic except for when I am too lazy to change out of my gym clothes and I have to wear it on my ferry with bright leggings and timberlands. This coat is so warm and lovely and I'm glad I finally get to wear out of it!

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