HOW-TO Shop for a Women's Suit

Enter a store that you know sells clothes for both yuppie men and yuppie women, and you know definitely sells men's suits. I'm talking about J.Crew, Banana Republic, Club Monaco, Brooks Brothers, etc.

Ask the salesperson if they have any women'SSSsss suits. Make sure to enunciate that S at the end to indicate you're not just going to settle for one suit. 

Proceed to be shown to the ONE style of blazer they carry, and the many styles and patterns of dress pants. Grab a blazer in a size 2 and a 4, and maybe a 6 just because you never know. Think about throwing in a petite size too. Mass-made blazers be crazy. 

Your pant size will most likely be your regular pant size. Stores don't seem to mess this up too often. 

Try on the blazer and pants. Wonder why the blazer is so long and the pants are so flared and how this makes you look so frumpy.

I'm at the Brooks Brothers outlet.
Take mirror pictures to confirm whether or not the suit looks good, because really how can you tell? How are suits supposed to look professional yet chic and okay to wear without heels?

Same suit, different mirror.
Go out to the 3-panel mirror in the hallway because maybe the suit will look better there. Notice how frumpy you look from behind and take a mirror picture of that too.

This is truly a lol.

Send the pics to your friends and boyfriend. They will give you recommendations on where to go buy a suit that is not that suit. Clearly it's wrong for you. They saved you $400 though.

One last desperate mirror pic.
Exit the store because you tried on the only suit they had. Look longingly at the SEVERAL and VARIED options of suits and blazers for men.

Rinse and repeat.

Also, whatever @ Brooks Brothers. I'm going to Theory.

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