A Gallery Wall Existential Crisis

So I'm in the process of redecorating my room in my parents' house, which I haven't lived in since high school. I finally got rid of the bright teal and yellow walls, and now I am finally able to start decorating those walls with my bags and boxes of wall art that I brought home from my LA apartment.

I'm still waiting for some shelves to be put up and for my TV to be mounted, so I really only had two walls free to cover. One also contained the large window in the room. I had already decided I was either going to put the Audrey Hepburn quote or the Cinderella poster next to the window. I also considered whether the stuff I was putting on the walls was decor that I was okay with leaving in this room when I eventually move back out. The Hepburn quote it was. I felt like that would be okay in a guest room, which I assume this room will eventually turn into. I put up my fancy round mirror sort of behind the door, so I could do a quick check of my face and hair before I run out the door. The rest of the wall I was a little lost on how to fill.

Since I was putting the Audrey quote print in, might as well include the sleeping Breakfast at Tiffany's Audrey in the mix. I love this print and I love putting it next to my bed. It feels very tongue in cheek to me, although a lot of other people might think it's just another one of those basic Audrey girl things. 

A little too much Audrey in that corner. 
I thought a bigger print would go better next to the round mirror anyway. I always found it hard to decorate around that thing. The Audrey print made the space above the bed a little more awkward to fill. I also kept thinking that it was bigger than it really was. I've seen on pinterest and on countless blogs how to make a gallery wall, by cutting out shapes and taping them to the wall so you can look at it without hammering a bunch of nails into the wall. I, of course did not do that. I could not be bothered to cut out a bunch of pieces of paper, especially since I wasn't sure which prints I was actually going to put up. Here's a gradual transition of what I went through, complete with the time lapse of the sun outside. 

I seemed to be set on using these two prints in this exact arrangement because I never moved them.

Added my pensive cat. It's still light out.

Added my "game fish" (it's a fish made out of board game pieces). Starting to get dark and I can't tell what the wall really looks like with this light, but the fish isn't working for me here.

I put that canvas on the same nail that the cat was hanging on, and then punched a new hole to move the cat around. Too much awkward space under the canvas I think. 

This is what I ended up with, and punched two more holes to hang that Mickey head up. 
The Mickey head print is made up of a bunch of outlines of every Disney character which is pretty cool. I usually prefer to put it where it can be studied, but what can you do. It was the only thing I had that would really fill up that space well. I could have moved the two middle prints (should have) but alas, this is what I see every day when I come home. 

I might (probably will) change things around again. But here's an update on how many unnecessary holes I hammered into my wall in one day (6), just trying to get this wall decor up.  

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. Also especially if anyone has any advice on placement of prints. Thanks! 

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