LinkedIn Photos You Should Definitely Not Use

Now that I have a new law firm photo, I updated my LinkedIn profile. Prior to this law firm photo, I had my Disneyland Annual Pass photo from 2013 as my LinkedIn profile pic, but you really couldn't tell. It was just a professionally taken photo of my full face with no sunglasses on, which is clearly rare for me.

I was perusing the "people you may know" section and seeing people I've avoided since high school. Many of them, clearly for good reason. Too many of them are victims of the least-professional linkedin pictures possible, a list of which follows. Literally, I'm just scrolling through and writing about the most heinous photos I'm seeing.

Selfie, generally

Idk what's going on with my hair here either.

I can actually generally forgive selfies, because not everyone has access to a professional photographer for a headshot. Some people don't want to bother others into taking a "professional" photo of them. If you can put in the effort to take a selfie from a proper angle so that it doesn't actually look like you are taking a selfie (aka from a level angle with no visible arm) that's acceptable. The ones that are unacceptable are those taken from a downward angle (you looking up at the camera), showing only one (presumably the good,) side of your face. This indicates that you likely take selfies often, and you think that this is your best angle and you want to put that forward. It is also shocking to me that many people are NOT smiling in these photos. You are just giving your raised hand a "look." And let me guess, your hair is partially covering your face? Unlike dating apps or other social media, LinkedIn is not about your self-perceived best angle, but your best professional angles. There is no way that a side view shot from 1.5 feet above your head is a good professional angle.

Mirror selfie
Bartender or dental assistant?

This cannot really the best photo of yourself that you have. People with mirror selfies for pictures should not even be on LinkedIn in the first place, because why would you need LinkedIn if you work as a bartender? Also, it doesn't matter if your phone is in the actual frame of the photo or not, we can all tell that you are holding your phone, and it is a mirror selfie. 

Snapchat "pretty" filter
Do people really think we CAN'T TELL that you used the pretty filter on any of your photos? No? Like we don't already know that you aren't that tan, and your nose isn't that skinny? I think this is actually the most embarrassing of any LinkedIn photo. It shows potential connections and potential employers that a) you used a selfie for your "professional profile," b) you aren't secure enough with your looks not to use a filtered selfie, and c) you don't realize you used the most obvious filter!

Pictures including another person
So, which one are you? I get that this might be a "thing" in dating profiles, where you want to show that you have cool friends, but on a professional profile this actually makes zero sense. I would think most people look at your linkedin when they are dealing with you in a professional capacity, in either an interview or a meeting. I guess in the dating world LinkedIn is a go-to in social media stalking, so maybe that's why you did it. It still shows that you don't understand what LinkedIn is about. I mean, if you liked how you looked in this photo with another person, couldn't you just have cropped them out or zoomed in on your face? You have to have more photos of yourself than that. We live in a selfie world these days. 

Club pics

I'm a club promoter here.

Again, if you're a bartender, why are you on LinkedIn? Are you a club promoter? a DJ? ????? 

Car selfie

This would actually be hilarious on LinkedIn.

Ok, I understand some people aren't comfortable taking selfies in public. But it is OBVIOUS when your selfie is taken in a car. Even if you take your seatbelt off!!! The headrest and the ceiling and the windows will still be visible. Do yourself a favor and next time you are in a semi-professional outfit, just find a white wall in a bathroom and take your selfie there. Or if you want outdoor lighting, just find a wall and ignore the bystanders for the sake of your professional profile! 

Wedding photo (with your spouse or others)
Are you serious? There is no profession in which this would be an appropriate photo. Unless this is a shared LinkedIn with your spouse and you come as a package deal? If this is the only time you've gotten a professional photo taken of you in formal clothing, then sure. Just crop others out of it.

Duck face selfie
You cannot be looking for a professional job, at least not one where they will be checking your LinkedIn. I actually question why you even have an account. Are you a dental assistant?

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns. If you are reading this and you have any of these types of photos for your LinkedIn profile, don't feel bad but make sure to change it ASAP. Unless you're a bartender, that is. There's nothing wrong with being a bartender!

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