Designer Handbag Wishlist, January 2018

I love bags. Definitely more than shoes and more than I like looking at anything else. Except puppies My explore page on instagram is essentially designer handbags, poodle-mixes, and fitness girls. I would say those are definitely my top three interests on the internet. Of course, I don't need a new bag. No one really needs more than one bag, but somehow we do. For different occasions and when you need to bring different things around! These are the bags that I'm currently dreaming about and pretending I might actually buy.

This is the bag that is in the forefront of my mind. My IG explore page is littered with this bag, though now mostly in the fuchsia color instead of the teal. I was D Y I N G over the teal a few months ago, but I'm not sure that they brought it back in stock after 2016 which might explain why I'm not seeing it as often. The fuchsia one is T D F. The retail price in the US for these is $1790 for the small, which is the size I would want. It also comes in a mini, for $1490 and a medium for $1980. Obviously that is a lot for a bag that's made of velvet and might only be acceptable to wear in the winter, which is why I haven't pulled the trigger. I mean also probably because I don't just have an extra $2k lying around to spend on a VELVET BAG. It is just the dreamiest bag. I don't even really like the new Gucci marmont logo, but I would live with it for this bag. I'm not into the marmont in leather or any other material besides velvet. I could live with the black velvet too but it doesn't make my heart stop like the fuchsia. It's also not even really a trend thing. Gucci is obviously really hot right now but I'm not into any of Gucci's other bags. No dionysus, no soho disco or matelasse camera bag. Just give me this velvet marmont!!! 

Ok so this is definitely a bag that I want because I keep seeing it on bloggers and other IGers on my feed and explore page. It's really expensive for a canvas mini bag, but it looks sooooo great crossbody and as a backpack! It's $1940. But you can wear it 3 different ways soooo. This is not a bag I would ever really buy, but I love looking at how other people wear it. Backpacks are the only style of bag that I would ever consider getting in monogram canvas. Backpacks, or the Toiletry 26, which isn't even technically a bag. 

The Lady Dior bags are classics to me. They are very elegant and ladylike (hence the name), yet the colors they come in can either make them look professional or edgy. Considering I'm a lawyer, I'd think I would typically err towards the professional. The colored versions, especially the pastels, are soooo pretty though. I love the look of the patent ones and I imagine they hold their shape better than lambskin or nylon. I've seen the lambskin and nylons on the preloved market and they definitely look worn. Also, my favorite style of bag is one with a top handle AND a cross-body strap. 

I have wanted this bag before, when I was first introduced to the world of luxury YouTubers. My interest in this bag faded as I felt it was a little too basic and I was too distracted by the "trendier" brands, like Celine and Gucci. I recently became interested in this bag again after it randomly popping up on my explore page (typical). This bag seems like the perfect everyday throw-around bag, for me to use on the weekends when I need to take more around than just my wallet, but I don't want to bring a giant tote around. The retail price for the Speedy B 25 in Damier Ebene (the checked canvas) is $1370 in the US. It's 980 Euros in the EU (plus you get a tax refund) so it might be worth waiting until my Italy trip to get this. I don't know that I'm going to have a ton of room to take it back though, and I don't know that I'm going to have a ton of money to spare on a "throw-around" bag. I want a throw-around bag that's nice though, and I feel like this is the perfect thing. It's canvas and not leather, so it won't need to be babied. Plus it has a top handle and cross-body strap, which I already established is my favorite kind of bag! I do still think that LV canvas bags are basic, but I also think that basics are staples for any wardrobe! I would N E V E R carry a neverfull (lol) but I don't think the speedy b's are as played out. I just think I would definitely get my cost-per-wear out of it, for sure. Out of all the bags listed, this is the one I'm most likely to actually buy (it's also the cheapest, by far). 

Loewe Puzzle Bag
This is another top-handle-cross-body bag that I was really dying over last month. Loewe is a brand that is just building up steam, but is still under the radar enough from enough people that it isn't such an ostentatious item. It's one of those bags that is iconic for people really in the know, but isn't clearly branded for people only slightly in the know. For example, I don't know that everyone who carries a neverfull would know about this bag. It's why I love my Balenciaga bag, most people I'm around are not aware that it's Balenciaga, because it doesn't say it on the exterior. But other people, interested in fashion, would immediately recognize the classic shape of the city, and certainly the Balenciaga hardware arrangement. People who know Loewe know this bag. It's also a bag that can be worn several ways, and can fold based on the panels of the "puzzle."  I showed it to Andrew and he said it just looked like a bag, so that sort of dampened my excitement about it. My obsession with my bag has cooled off a little bit, as my fleeting purse obsessions always do. 

Fendi Peekaboo
I love this bag, but it is ridiculously priced. The regular size is $4200 new in the US. I just love how it looks. It's also a top-handle-cross-body but I like the bigger one and I also like to think that this would be a perfect work bag. For a girl boss though that is making a lot more than I currently am right now. I like bags that have good looking and recognizable classic shapes that don't need logos to indicate their quality.  I don't actually care about other people knowing that I have nice things, I would actually prefer that the average person didn't know. The bags are for me, and I don't care what other people think! I like having pretty things because I like looking at them and seeing them on me. I guess it just fits into the image of the type of woman I want to be. Subtle but luxurious. That's what a peekaboo is.

That's it for now! I mean I will always want a classic Chanel jumbo (black caviar with gold leather) but that seems more like a 30th birthday present for myself. I also prefer a Hermes Kelly to a Birkin (top-handle-cross-body) and that probably will never happen, which I'm okay with. I'd rather have a collection of the purses above than an Hermes bag. At least for now.  It feels really good to get out all my feelings about these bags that I've kept bottled up in my head while double-tapping on instagram. I don't think I'll be buying any of these bags any time soon, but considering I'll be flush with cash as I'm not paying rent, you never know. I'll need a reason to treat myself though, and I don't know that any of those reasons are going to come up any time soon. If you haven't noticed, I got ads on here! So maybe if I reach a good milestone with this blog, I'll get myself a present. Or it'll just be a nice present to myself when I go to Italy. Because why wouldn't I deserve a new present in Italy???

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