Girl Meets Pizza Review: The Best Brunch in LA

This last trip to LA, I crossed off another item on my LA section of 1001, going to brunch at Jon & Vinny's. This trip, I knew we weren't going to have time to get dinner at J&V's, so it was the perfect weekend to get brunch. I had heard a lot about this brunch, and since their lunch/dinner food is so good we had to try it.

Their coffee is $4, and the menu says the first refill is $1. They actually ended up being like a regular brunch place with waiters coming around pouring refills before you even finish your cup, so I don't know what the extra $1 is about. We didn't get charged for it!

I checked out the brunch menu online, and the LA Woman was listed, so naturally we ordered it. They do have breakfast pizzas with eggs and potatoes and bacon, but I was mostly interested in the LA woman. It was a great choice. I was looking around and the soft-scrambled eggs with the burrata and tomatoes and toast looked verrrrry good. We were also already planning to get the avocado toast, so that made ordering really easy.

I was honestly shocked at how good the eggs were. I mean, they are just scrambled eggs, how good could they be?? This mentality almost stopped us from ordering them, so I'm glad we still went through with it. They were just so tasty and perfectly cooked! The tomatoes were also TDF (to die for). And the burrata? Just the cherry on top. Plus their bread is always amazing.

The avocado toast was good, but definitely the most underwhelming item we ordered. I saw another table ordered the ricotta/jam toast and I think that's what we will have to get next time with the LA woman and the eggs again. I am already set on going to brunch here every time I come back to LA again. I will recommend it to everyone!!!

The only downside is the price- but it is really worth every penny! Maybe you don't need to add the extra parmesan to the avo toast. Maybe you don't need the avo toast! That makes it cheaper. Anyway I'm only going to be visiting LA so many more times so I really will be going every time. It is a must.

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