5 New Year's Resolutions for 2018

1. Invest more time into friendships. // I've suddenly become the worst at texting back or returning phone calls. I want to go back to being the friend that sends good gifts, calls when I'm thinking about them, and is there to answer phone calls too. Now that I'm back in the Bay Area where I'm planning to live for the rest of my life, I want to cultivate strong and lasting friendships here. This also does not mean the occasional birthday shoutout on IG. This means spending more time with people in person rather than through likes or comments on social media!

2. Listen to my body, except when it wants to slouch or lay around on the couch. // This is more about giving it the proper nutrients and exercise. When I got off the ferry this morning and started my walk to work, I could feel my legs begging to stretch out and get some exercise. I sit around almost all day, using the actual "standing" part of my standing desk infrequently, but my body needs movement. I've also been skipping the gym way too much because of the holidays and the weather. I'm really hoping that continuous exercise will help strengthen my back and straighten out my posture.

3. Create more. // As much I love consuming content, the balance between my content consumption and content creation is very uneven. Balancing the two should lead to a more fulfilling day (and life). I like creating.  I like the feeling of typing or writing and letting things out. It's why I try to get one post out a day, to force myself to type and write. I don't want my content to suffer though, so I'm not imposing the one-post-a-day thing as a strict resolution for 2018. I do want to strike while the iron is hot though.

4. Become a morning person. // I just read this article again and then I just ordered a Phillips wake-up light for this express purpose. I already have to leave the house at 7am ferry, but it is a daily struggle for me to get up at 6. I set my first alarm at 5:45 and snooze my way up until my mom comes to tell me to get up. I would like to be more adult about this and actually get up on time with enough time to spare for me to get ready in a comfortable and non-rushed fashion. 

5. Dress intentionally. // One of my least favorite feelings in the world is wearing an outfit that I know doesn't work, but I wasn't aware of it when I left because I didn't do a final check in the mirror with all the elements on. I do this a lot because I want to wear certain things, but I'm lazy and I just think about how things could go together without really trying things on. This is why I'm a fan of uniform dressing. I hate trying things on in stores/dressing rooms and in my own room. I just need to get into the habit of trying things on. This is mostly before packing to go on a trip, because I often pack a bunch of elements that seem like they would go but in reality don't actually fit well together. This just happened to me on my last trip to LA and I cursed myself for it. 

I hope that I'm still creating at the end of the year so I can reflect on whether or not I achieved these resolutions or not.

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