My Disney Plans: Lunar New Year

We're going to California Adventure on Saturday to see the Lunar New Year festivities.

According to my Instagram, the last time I went to Disneyland was Halloween 2016. I mean, I get that, because that was really the peak Disneyland experience of my life. As a reminder, I was dressed as Ping from Mulan and Andrew was dressed as Shang. It was truly the best.

We are now returning just to DCA to experience Lunar New Year in the park for the first time. Aka, Mulan and Mushu are rumored to be in the park and available for photographs.

I find that when I plan out trips, I have the best experiences.  For a Disney trip, the most important things to plan are your outfit, your food, and your instagrams.

HOW-TO Shop for a Women's Suit

Enter a store that you know sells clothes for both yuppie men and yuppie women, and you know definitely sells men's suits. I'm talking about J.Crew, Banana Republic, Club Monaco, Brooks Brothers, etc.

Ask the salesperson if they have any women'SSSsss suits. Make sure to enunciate that S at the end to indicate you're not just going to settle for one suit. 

Proceed to be shown to the ONE style of blazer they carry, and the many styles and patterns of dress pants. Grab a blazer in a size 2 and a 4, and maybe a 6 just because you never know. Think about throwing in a petite size too. Mass-made blazers be crazy. 

Your pant size will most likely be your regular pant size. Stores don't seem to mess this up too often. 

Try on the blazer and pants. Wonder why the blazer is so long and the pants are so flared and how this makes you look so frumpy.

I'm at the Brooks Brothers outlet.
Take mirror pictures to confirm whether or not the suit looks good, because really how can you tell? How are suits supposed to look professional yet chic and okay to wear without heels?

A Gallery Wall Existential Crisis

So I'm in the process of redecorating my room in my parents' house, which I haven't lived in since high school. I finally got rid of the bright teal and yellow walls, and now I am finally able to start decorating those walls with my bags and boxes of wall art that I brought home from my LA apartment.

I'm still waiting for some shelves to be put up and for my TV to be mounted, so I really only had two walls free to cover. One also contained the large window in the room. I had already decided I was either going to put the Audrey Hepburn quote or the Cinderella poster next to the window. I also considered whether the stuff I was putting on the walls was decor that I was okay with leaving in this room when I eventually move back out. The Hepburn quote it was. I felt like that would be okay in a guest room, which I assume this room will eventually turn into. I put up my fancy round mirror sort of behind the door, so I could do a quick check of my face and hair before I run out the door. The rest of the wall I was a little lost on how to fill.

Designer Handbag Wishlist, January 2018

I love bags. Definitely more than shoes and more than I like looking at anything else. Except puppies My explore page on instagram is essentially designer handbags, poodle-mixes, and fitness girls. I would say those are definitely my top three interests on the internet. Of course, I don't need a new bag. No one really needs more than one bag, but somehow we do. For different occasions and when you need to bring different things around! These are the bags that I'm currently dreaming about and pretending I might actually buy.

LinkedIn Photos You Should Definitely Not Use

Now that I have a new law firm photo, I updated my LinkedIn profile. Prior to this law firm photo, I had my Disneyland Annual Pass photo from 2013 as my LinkedIn profile pic, but you really couldn't tell. It was just a professionally taken photo of my full face with no sunglasses on, which is clearly rare for me.

I was perusing the "people you may know" section and seeing people I've avoided since high school. Many of them, clearly for good reason. Too many of them are victims of the least-professional linkedin pictures possible, a list of which follows. Literally, I'm just scrolling through and writing about the most heinous photos I'm seeing.

Selfie, generally

Idk what's going on with my hair here either.

I can actually generally forgive selfies, because not everyone has access to a professional photographer for a headshot. Some people don't want to bother others into taking a "professional" photo of them. If you can put in the effort to take a selfie from a proper angle so that it doesn't actually look like you are taking a selfie (aka from a level angle with no visible arm) that's acceptable. The ones that are unacceptable are those taken from a downward angle (you looking up at the camera), showing only one (presumably the good,) side of your face. This indicates that you likely take selfies often, and you think that this is your best angle and you want to put that forward. It is also shocking to me that many people are NOT smiling in these photos. You are just giving your raised hand a "look." And let me guess, your hair is partially covering your face? Unlike dating apps or other social media, LinkedIn is not about your self-perceived best angle, but your best professional angles. There is no way that a side view shot from 1.5 feet above your head is a good professional angle.

Important Considerations for your Law Firm Photo

This is what I got. 

Your outfit. Check what all the other attorneys in your firm are wearing in their photos. For my firm, most of the female associates were wearing a blazer and some sort of cream blouse. I, ever the originalist, decided I would follow this up to the blazer standpoint, and then wear my uniform white button up underneath. I realize now that the reason females don’t typically wear this outfit in their law firm photos is because it makes them look like a police detective, like I do. It’s fine, but next time I would prefer to perhaps wear some sort of striking-colored blouse underneath my blazer, just to show my personality. Also, I just brought my Zara blazer that I wear all the time, but isn’t the most tailored. I didn’t wear a suit blazer because I didn’t think the blazer would really make a difference.  I was much more concerned about my face.  Unfortunately, the wrinkles in my cheap Zara blazer were evident in the photos and I felt like the fit of it actually made me look wider. A more tailored and nice blazer is important!  

Girl Meets Pizza Review: The Best Brunch in LA

This last trip to LA, I crossed off another item on my LA section of 1001, going to brunch at Jon & Vinny's. This trip, I knew we weren't going to have time to get dinner at J&V's, so it was the perfect weekend to get brunch. I had heard a lot about this brunch, and since their lunch/dinner food is so good we had to try it.

Their coffee is $4, and the menu says the first refill is $1. They actually ended up being like a regular brunch place with waiters coming around pouring refills before you even finish your cup, so I don't know what the extra $1 is about. We didn't get charged for it!

I checked out the brunch menu online, and the LA Woman was listed, so naturally we ordered it. They do have breakfast pizzas with eggs and potatoes and bacon, but I was mostly interested in the LA woman. It was a great choice. I was looking around and the soft-scrambled eggs with the burrata and tomatoes and toast looked verrrrry good. We were also already planning to get the avocado toast, so that made ordering really easy.

Most-Worn Items of 2017

Ok so I don't actually track how many times I wear things, so this is mostly based on a review of my camera roll. Hopefully this exercise helps with my future purchases and should also help me identify what I can get rid of because I like these other clothes so much more.

This outfit, taken in the elevator mirror of my old law firm, contains almost all of my most-worn items of 2017. In this last month of 2017, I no longer have an elevator with a large mirror for outfit selfies, and I have a long walk to work in the frigid cold of San Francisco, so my outfits are probably going to be very different in 2018. The following are clearly my favorite items though because I wear them all the time! You can see them all over my instagram as well.