Why do I Carry SO MUCH to Work?

Alternatively, why do we always bring so much stuff everywhere? It’s as though we want to always be prepared at the expense of our shoulders and back.

Another Monday, another commute. I’ve been taking the ferry to work instead of driving. As such, I can’t hoard things in my car for use before or after work. Here is what I have been hauling with me on my commute every day.

In my Backpack (Fjallraven Kanken or Lululemon)
12 inch MacBook and thin case
Coach Rexy clutch: holds card case and extra cards
Moleskine dotted medium notebook
Iridescent pouch: holds headphones, pens, gum, lactaid, balm dot com, Hi Chew
Canvas bag 
APLs in a shoe bag
Gym clothes and extra socks
Gym pouch: wet brush, travel comb, jewelry case, deodorant, moisturizer
FBG workout folder
Celine sunglasses + case

In my hands and coat
Lunch bag
Tech gloves
Commuter pass case
Thermos for tea

I decided to analyze the utility of all this stuff in determining whether or not it deserves to travel with me to work.


Commuter pass case (holds my clipper card, work key, Bay Club card)
Tea Thermos (it is frigid outside)
Headphones (did I mention I walk almost 40 minutes to work)
Gym clothes (working out is the only thing to do while waiting for the evening ferry)
Gym shoes (see above)
Gloves (see tea thermos)
Lunch bag (there are no good lunch options near my office, and if my mom is going to make me lunch then I’m definitely going to take it)
Sunglasses (UV protection but also especially considering you never know who I’ll see on the ferry)


Moleskine notebook
I want to use it on a daily basis, there are just some days it never comes out of my bag.

Gum, Lactaid, balm dot com, hi chew
These seem like things I would need more often on a weekend or if I’m traveling. I’ve just been used to taking everything in my iridescent pouch just in case.

Brush, comb, deodorant, moisturizer
Mostly because I haven’t been showering at the gym and have been subjecting evening ferry riders to my post-gym aura

FBG workout folder
I’m trying to actually take this workout seriously this time, and using the folder is infinitely easier than trying to keep looking at the workouts on my phone. I don’t actually need the whole folder though, just that specific day of the week, so maybe switching the protective sheet every day will help minimize the weight.

Canvas bag
This is mostly for whenever I need a bag, which is not all the time. Often it comes in handy when I am going to have too much stuff post-gym to fit in my backpack comfortably, or when I go to Trader Joe’s to replenish my work snacks.

I’m using it right now but some days I’m late on the ferry and don’t have enough room to use it, or I’m too tired and I end up just falling asleep and then am stuck carrying an extra few pounds all day for no reason. I try to just take it when I know I’m going to be motivated to type up some blog posts, like today, since I haven’t posted in several days. ALSO, maybe I'll do work while on the ferry, even though the wi-fi is horrendous! 

Coach Rexy Clutch
I use this to hold my cardholder and extra cards that don’t fit in my cardholder. I like taking it because I can just bring it out during lunch at work and slip my commuter pass case in it and I don’t have to bring my whole backpack out. I don’t use it every day because I haven’t actually been going out to lunch since I’ve been packing it. I’ll have to be more cognizant of that this week. If I bring a lunch bag, I shouldn’t bring this clutch.

After really fleshing this out I’ve realized that I don’t truly need all the stuff I lug around if I really think about it. However, waking up at 5:45 with 30 minutes to get ready makes it a little difficult. I’ll just have to keep these things in mind when tossing stuff into my bag while simultaneously trying to get ready and out of the house.

It’s really not so bad. I just still need to figure out how to perfect the system. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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