What to Wear and Bring on Your First Day of Work

Starting a new job is tough. New people to meet which means names to remember, quirks to uncover, and a spoken/unspoken dress code to follow.

My new firm told me that they dress very casual because "litigation is stressful."  When I visited the office during an interview, the partner I interviewed with was wearing a plaid button up tucked into jeans.  Two associates I met with were wearing jeans and a sweater, and jeans and a blouse.  I noticed one of the assistants wearing Roshes. I unfortunately did not remember what type of shoes the female associates were wearing...

I would always think that on your first day you should dress more formally than you expect to dress the rest of the time, just so you don't feel underdressed. I took this advice for the most part but also have some regrets.


Black Halogen Cashmere Sweater: this was the best call, it was warm and looked professional.

Black J.Crew Dannie Pants: I opted for black pants instead of jeans in an attempt to dress a little less casual than I expected everyone else would be dressed, although these pants are pretty tight fitting and have been washed so often that at this point they just look like black jeans.

Black Nike Huaraches: This was the worst call, unfortunately. I wore them on the ferry because I knew I would be walking over a mile along Embarcadero to the office and I wanted to wear comfortable shoes. I brought black flats in my bag to change into once I got into the office, but I changed my mind once I got there because my feet were cold and I figured that people would be wearing sneakers anyway. This was true, but people were wearing Onitsuka Tigers and Stan Smiths, and my huaraches were a little bit too casual and athletic-looking. I'm wearing my black leather Stan Smiths today.

Camel J.Crew Cocoon Coat: This was the next best call. It is frigid in SF in the morning. Plus this coat is iconic and always looks chic, even with huaraches on your feet.

J. Crew Plaid Scarf: I threw this on as almost an afterthought, but I did end up wearing it around the office all day and I felt that it made my all-black outfit (once I took my coat off) a little less drab and more friendly.

Gloves: Like I said, it's frigid. My coat kept me pretty warm for the most part, but my hands were freezing the whole walk to work. Because I also brought a thermos, I had to hold it with one hand, while I could safely but the other hand in my coat pocket for warmth. If I had just brought gloves this problem would be solved! I almost forgot them again this morning, and had to borrow some plain black ones from my mom. I want some leather tech gloves from Coach.

Boots: I don't know how I could make this happen, as they won't be comfortable to walk over a mile in, and will be a little bulky to bring in a bag, but this was the shoe of choice of all the women in the office, which makes sense considering its frigid. Maybe if I start taking the muni from the Ferry Building I can start wearing them.


Thermos of Tea
Moleskine Notebook
Moleskine Pen
2017 Agenda
Rifle Paper Co. Note Pad
Slice of Banana Bread
Sam Edelman Black Flats


Black Pens
Stadtler Colored Pens
Kate Spade Mug
Steno Pads

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