A Review of November 2017

November has never seemed like such an eventful month, but this month it was! I was barely in LA again, and now I'm moving out. How did it all happen so fast? I also managed to squeeze in a visit from Brandon, two trips home and a trip to Vegas this month, while also quitting my job, moving everything out of my apartment, and preparing for a job in San Francisco.


Now that I've semi-posted my blog onto my personal instagram, for those of you who actually clicked the #linkinbio, this is my monthly review of the photos on my camera roll.

N E W   T H I N G S   I   T R I E D : 

THE MAGIC CASTLE I wore a beret and got "hypnotized" for a magic trick
BAMPFA with a pic at their #redstairs

MOVIEPASS which leads to the new category of "movies I watched"
EVERYWHERE WE WENT IN VEGAS eating, shopping, fangirling over BSB

T H I N G S   I   B O U G H T :

KAREN WALKER SUNGLASSES they are extreme in the best way
CAL VISOR they are the new dad hat I'm telling you

GAP FAUX-FUR COLLAR UTILITY JACKET because I returned the Uniqlo one

GAP VELOUR PAJAMA PANTS for my life of luxury 
COACH REXY CLUTCH someone on YouTube bought this so I also wanted it and it was on sale
JUSTICE LEAGUE WAVE T-SHIRT it matches my phone case, and I love them
TOPSHOP WHITE T it's the perfect fit and I already want to buy more
TOPSHOP JAMIE JEANS my first foray into high-waisted denim and I'm pretty into it actually

Amazing denim-on-denim combo IMO
SAM EDELMAN FELICIA FLATS to add to my growing collection 
NIKE FLYKNIT RACERS in all black, because I'm going to try to be a runner
NORDSTROM VELVET CLUTCH still not sure if I actually need this
RIPNDIP NERMAL SLIDES a must for any Sawtelle regular

This is Lord Nermal, and the Rexy clutch

B O O K S   I   R E A D : 

WHAT IS THE WHAT took a long time for me to finish, but worth every second

VALLEY OF THE DOLLS still reading actually. written in the 1940s but honestly does sound like the present

M O V I E S   I   W A T C H E D :

LADY BIRD charming mother daughter movie
JUSTICE LEAGUE people overreacted with their negative reviews, the only bad part is Superman
MURDER ON THE ORIENT EXPRESS i hated the ending of this movie. also didn't know the main character directed himself but now a lot of it makes sense

I'm writing this from my empty apartment right now when I'm supposed to finish cleaning. Isn't it weird how your apartment is never as clean as when you're trying to get your security deposit back? I honestly think my apartment is cleaner now than when I first moved in. To think it could have always been this clean if I just put some effort in!


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