Why Am I Obsessed with Wall Decor?

More than any other home accessory, nothing captures my attention quite like a good art print, photograph, or canvas. I am in constant need of collecting things I like to put them up on my walls when I quite clearly don't have enough wall space to house them all. Now that I am downgrading from an apartment with 3 different rooms (kitchen, living room, bedroom) with enough walls to house SEVERAL pieces of wall decor, to ONE (1) bedroom in my parents house with precisely 4 walls in which to cover with my wall art, important decisions are going to have to be made.

I have always been obsessed with decorating.  I also love a good tchotchke, but I think my mom has scolded me enough times about them that I feel safest purchasing and collecting wall art. Not to say she hasn't scolded me about the wall art as well, but I seem to feel more passionate about "needing" every piece of wall art I continue to buy.  Plus, living in an apartment by myself made me feel the need to fill up every inch of white wall space with things that I loved.

In the 2+ years I lived in my LA apartment, I went through several holes in the walls to carry my various gallery wall iterations.

Now that I'm going to be living in just a bedroom, I have been trying to plan out what I'm going to display, and where I'm going to put everything, and which of my pieces are just going to have to live in my garage until I move back out.

I have two giant Mickey Mouse prints currently in my bedroom, and two small canvases that I painted before I started college. Those can go. My current plan is to replace the two giant prints above my bed with a gallery wall, consisting of a lot of the pieces in my wall art collection. I'm thinking I should use pieces that aren't so specific to me (as in, no photo collections), in case my mom wants to keep them there for when I eventually move out and my room is used as a guest room again.  Plus the pieces all have to go together and also "go" with the new paint color I eventually choose.

Out of my current collection, I plan on including: the Audrey Hepburn bedroom print (to go by my bed again), the Mickey balloon head, the white flower shaped mirror, the its a small world framed record, maybe one of the big MM prints that are already in my room, once I iron out the fabric... I think I need something big to balance everything out. Maybe? I also think if I use that round white mirror, I will have to put smaller frames around it? It's hard to incorporate in a gallery wall situation. Definitely the cat in the copper frame. And the framed Cinderella carriage print? Also those Hillary prints, definitely.

I think I may donate the It's a Small World photo series prints (that were in my kitchen) to my bathroom. It currently has three Philippines-style prints of farmers or something in there, so I think it sort of goes with the theme. I'll place them over the towel racks there and it should look pretty good.

I also have two unframed things floating around in the stuff from my apartment, a Takashi Murakami print from the Broad, and that Mickey & Minnie in Italy print, only because the frame I got from Ikea fell off of my wall and broke. I love that Murakami print though.

I have 4 large prints coming from my apartment that I don't think will fit anywhere: the Cinderella print that has followed me everywhere, the LACMA primary colors Calder print, the Audrey Hepburn quote print, and a vintage Erte print from Andrew. Unfortunately I probably won't be able to fit these in anywhere in my parents' house bedroom. I do love them all though and I want to use them!

We'll see. I'm sure I'll be doing a lot of posts on redecorating my room at my parents' house, because that's probably the most exciting thing that will be going on there!

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