The Three Accomplishments I'm Most Proud Of in 2017

We get it. We all thought 2017 was a flaming pile of garbage.  But there had to have been some good times right? I came across this tweet during my daily scroll of Twitter and, like many others, thought it was a great idea. I think it's especially helpful for people to focus on the positive parts of the year instead of the myriad ways that our president has ruined our country/lives.

I had a hard time thinking about 3 accomplishments, which is sad. Only one stands out to me, and only because it just happened in the last month. I had to do some deep self-reflection to realize what else I could be proud of this year. 

1. Moving back to the Bay Area.
Sometime towards the beginning of the year I decided I wanted to move home by the end of the year. I realized that after graduating law school and also realized I didn't care about practicing entertainment law in the long run, and therefore there was nothing tying me to LA.  I was over my job, I was definitely over the people, and I was really over the driving. Andrew had no interest in staying in LA long term either. Towards the middle of the year, it was looking like I wasn't going to achieve my goal of moving back to the Bay Area by the end of 2017 because I wasn't getting any feedback from Bay Area firms I was applying to. I almost even took another job in LA but ultimately decided I didn't want to spend another year here. In the beginning of November, I got a job interview in SF and things moved very quickly from there. I moved out of LA and back to my parents house in a month! Although I miss my apartment and I miss spending every day with Andrew, I'm much happier in the Bay Area with my family and a job that I like. Goals for next year include Andrew moving back to the Bay and me moving back into an apartment!

2. Completing a round of Whole30.
As a lifelong pizza and ice cream addict, I had a lot of doubts about this Whole30 program. Friends had done it before but it had never seemed appealing to me whatsoever. No sugar? No grains? No thanks. I'm really not sure what changed, but one day Andrew and I just decided to do the program. I think you just have to be in the mood for it -- I didn't really feel like I was depriving myself too much and it was fun being creative with things we could eat. We maybe cheated a little bit by drinking juice and eating potato chips and french fries. Potatoes and salt are allowed though! The only bad part about Whole30 is that you can't really eat anything at restaurants. Mostly omelets and potatoes. And you have to ask them not to cook with butter! I lost 7 pounds (which is definitely back now), but I didn't really feel that different internally. I didn't really notice the energy boosts people brag about or anything. One positive outcome is that I now drink my coffee black. I'm just proud that I actually went the 30 days and did it! I never would have thought that I could do it and as I type this I don't think I could do it again unless I was really in the mood for it. It also helps when you don't have any trips or visitors planned in the 30 days.

3. Starting this blog. 
I love bloggers. I like reading articles/blog posts all day long. I'm not as into "fashion" bloggers but I like reading relatable content and reviews of things I'm thinking about buying. I feel like I have relevant thoughts and takes and I enjoy the process of writing. Even though some people aren't as 100% supportive (but some really are like my 1L bestie Steven), I don't care! This is for me and it makes me feel good and it's something that I can be proud of for myself. Even if no one reads it! I'm starting to feel like I'm getting defensive with the overuse of exclamation points, but I do feel strongly about this and I want to let myself know that I really am proud of myself for starting this and sticking to it for more than 3 months.

So that's 3. I guess those are the things I'm the most proud of? It makes me feel like I didn't really do much this year. I guess I didn't. That's also why I had to move out of LA. The days were just feeling really stagnant and nothing new was happening. I'm actually very excited for 2018! A lot of fun things are already planned and I can't wait!

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