I Bought This: Bay Club Membership

This post started as a “Should I Buy This?” but the membership coordinator who I was working with at the Bay Club suckered me in with the discounted initiation fee as “ending at 6pm tonight” so since this post is going up tomorrow, the whole post has to change.  Because I bought it!!! Now is the time to convince myself whether or not I made the right decision!

My Equinox membership at the Westwood club expires on 12/18. Not that it matters, considering I’ve already moved back to the Bay Area and won’t be back to LA until the end of the month. I contemplated joining the Equinox in the Marina in SF, but it’s still a 30-minute walk from my office, in the opposite direction of the ferry, and it costs over $200 a month. That’s a lot of cons. Plus I am not that into the Marina crowd.


On my walk to work from the ferry building every day, I pass by two separate Bay Club locations. I’ve never really thought about the Bay Club but had heard from others that it’s a dream club membership. It’s the only “nice” “gym” that is anywhere near my walk from work to the ferry and back. Apparently they have a shuttle service for members, via Chariot, that brings members around between their various SF locations, so ostensibly I could take the shuttle to the Bay Club Tennis location which is a little closer to the ferry building. The Bay Club SF on One Lombard is the perfect distance between my office and the ferry building. It’s about a 22-minute walk to the Club from my office, and then a 10-minute walk to the ferry building from the Club.


The Bay Club SF has a special price available for young professionals, which is $175 a month compared to the normal executive club price of $225.  I got suckered into paying a discounted initiation fee of $99 instead of $400. The real benefit to this place is that it’s not a year commitment, but a month-to-month agreement. Yelp reviews were saying that some people were having trouble cancelling their membership, but I read through the agreement and it seems like you just have to give them written notice before the beginning of your intended last month.


There are a lot of classes available, which is what I really care about. They have two yoga studios that run classes at the same time, a group exercise cardio room, and a spin room. There’s also a crossfit room and reformer pilates rooms but you have to pay extra $$ for these. The spin room was about the same size as the Equinox one, but the one pro is that it probably won’t be full, so much so that you don’t have to try to reserve a spot 24 hours before.

T H E   D R O P
My first class I went to was “The Drop” which is touted as “a full body, fast paced, high intensity, strength and cardio-conditioning program, merging high-energy EDM music and high intensity athletic movement” but is really a bunch of squats, lunges, and planks to some 90s gym music. I liked the energy though, and my quads were sore for the next two days. I’d go back.


So it’s no Equinox. There are no Kiehl’s or Malin + Goetz products. Just generic products with the Bay Club logo on them. Truth be told, I haven’t tried any of them out, so they may be good.
They have a good amount of showers, but I’ve already been a little thrown off by them because they don’t have full doors. What is that? They were too cheap to put in a full door? The door only covers basically from your chin to your knees. So weird. Is it so people don’t pee in the shower? Because I’m sure that’s not going to stop them…

There are towel stations all around, but no refrigerated eucalyptus towels… I never took advantage of those chilled towels enough at Equinox… I can’t keep comparing it to Equinox though, because Equinox costs $30 more and is farther away and probably more crowded so I really need to stop. 


So it’s also just not an Equinox vibe. Probably because all the “Equinox” people are actually at Equinox. The people are not intimidatingly fit but for some reason I feel like everyone has been staring at me the few times I’ve walked around the club. I can’t tell if there’s something on my face or they can just tell I’m a new person. Maybe everyone already knows each other because so few people go? Today it was actually a lot more crowded than I expected. I wanted to do some FBG workouts in a corner, but all the corners were taken. I would say that the vibe of the place is people that like to work out in corners. Just like me! Maybe this is the place for me.

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