Should You Download This? HQ Trivia Review

If you come into contact with me at 12pm noon or 6pm in the evening, chances are I will be ignoring you and trying to win money on this live iPhone game show. I first heard about it via a ManRepeller tweet, as I believe the game was at first only big in NYC. Back then, there were only about 14k people playing at a time and the big prize was $250. The last game I watched, at 6pm last night, had around 250k people playing for the chance to split $1000, the typical weekday prize at this point.

The game has been LAGGING a lot lately, as you would be able to tell if you keep the chat messages on screen. I think the increasing popularity has been hard for their servers to handle or something. I really don’t know, I’m not a tech person. It’s funny to see thousands of people chatting in “LAG” or some sort of iteration of the word.

I played last night while walking on Market to do some Christmas shopping downtown. I sort of expected to see a lot of other SF commuters playing it on their phones, but I don’t think it’s really taken off here the way it has in NYC.  It’s easy to play while mobile, as long as you have headphones in.

It also seems like this game is mostly growing through word of mouth, which is pretty cool. I started following @hqtrivia on twitter but they haven’t really done any big advertising push to get their numbers up. I can definitely appreciate that. The growth is organic and really cool to see! With over 250k people playing at a time, and the prize only at $1000 to be shared by any people that get all 12 questions right, I can see why people are skeptics. I don’t know why they don’t listen to me though because I’m the first to see through a scam. This game is pure fun. It doesn’t cost anything to play and you can win money! I guess in 2017 that could easily be too good to be true.

Anyway, here’s my pitch for the game that I’ve been telling almost everyone I come into contact with...

 “It’s a live trivia show where you can win real money! It’s free! It’s so fun! You just have to answer 12 questions right and you get to share the prize money! The farthest I’ve gotten is question 8 so it actually is hard! Even though there are thousands of people playing, the winners are typically in the double digits! It’s amazing! You might think the host is annoying at first but he will grow on you!” Scott is a celebrity now. Back to the pitch. “Just download it. I’ll send you my code so I can get an extra life. I’ve gotten a few extra lives so far and still can’t get past question 8.”

For someone that used to watch loving Jeopardy with my dad every night, and someone whose bucket list consists mostly of being a contestant on Jeopardy, this game is perfect. I love trivia. Another thing to add to my pitch: “It’s only 12 minutes of your day, its fun, and you could win $1000!” That actually should be my entire pitch.  

The other thing I love about HQ Trivia is that because I’m a person who hates to get things wrong, I tend not to forget things I’ve gotten wrong. Therefore, since I seem to keep getting eliminated on Question 8, I’ve learned so much extra trivia from getting those questions wrong. For example, did you know the difference between an acronym and an initialism? That’s a random distinction to know. Moreover, what company invented the assembly line? FORD? NO. That’s what I answered, but I should have known that was TOO OBVIOUS for a Question 8 answer. The answer is actually Oldsmobile. According to HQ at least. I didn’t look it up to confirm.

That’s the other thing. They’ve been wrong once, and I was watching the game, as I usually continue to do after I get eliminated. One Question 11 was “How many planets are between the two biggest planets in the solar system?” From the Magic School Bus, I know the two biggest planets are Jupiter and Saturn, so the answer should be ZERO. Zero was one of the choices, but the host Sharon announced that the answer was 3, as there are three planets from Mercury to Jupiter. A bunch of people were eliminated for selecting the correct answer, and only 2 people (who were wrong about the planets question) ended up splitting the $1k. I held a poll after this fiasco:

HQ ended up giving 5 extra lives to all the people that answered the question correctly and were improperly eliminated. That was the right call.  It was fair! FIVE LIVES? Those people better have won on the next round they played. Unless you can’t stack lives. I don’t know. I’ve only ever had one extra life at a time. HQ people if you read this, please let me know. I love your game.

Use my referral code (“bestisabella”) and give me an extra life!!! And as always, let me know if you have any other questions or concerns.

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