What to Wear as an Entertainment Lawyer

Lawyers really only wear suits when they are in court or going for an interview. Maybe for depositions too, but I haven't actually done one on my own so I can't recall. Otherwise, there's really no reason to put a suit on. Probably because we'd all rather save our time-per-wear before dry cleaning them so often.

Dress code ranges from firm to firm, and practice area to practice area. Typically, you just want to emulate what the people around you are wearing, which is likely business casual. In entertainment law, lawyers try to dress like studio folk. Which is to say, casual but cool. An attempt to look more like a lawyer is made by wearing a collared shirt or throwing on a blazer.  Sneakers and jeans are widely accepted.

Today's sassy outfit. I usually do a front tuck with my shirt but I must have been in a rush this morning.
Also, still testing the socks/no socks look with my patent leather oxford/man shoes.

My go-to uniform for work at a small entertainment law firm is as follows: Levi's jeans and a Brooks Brothers non-iron white button up shirt. Shoes, purses, jewelry, and other accessories are interchangeable.

My favorite accessories include my red Sam Edelman flats, my Banana Republic trench coat, my Barefoot Dreams cardigan, and my 3.1 Phillip Lim Pashli backpack.

I've been collecting more blazers and jackets to also switch up my lewk, and also because everything seems to go with an unwrinkled white button-down. The white button-up/down (I'm going to go with "down" because I button my shirts by starting at the top and continuing down) always makes me feel put together, and I own about 7 of them that I rotate through almost every day. They get pretty dirty pretty easily (i.e. coffee and soy sauce splatters) which is the only downside.

I also like pairing these plain looks with colorful statement earrings or colorful headbands or bandanas to counteract my RBF by showing that I have a playful side.

Another very easy go-to look when all of my white button-downs are dirty, is to pair a plain (solid or striped) t-shirt with a blazer.

How easy is that? And I look like a cool LA professional that likely works in entertainment. Because who doesn't work in entertainment here???

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


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