A Review of October 2017

What did I even do last month? I posted 20 blog posts!

Coloring at Jon & Vinny's was a Sunday highlight.

Based on a cursory review of my iPhone photos, it looks like I mostly did a lot of eating. I went home twice, once on a road trip with my aunts and cousins (and grandma, see below), and once to watch a Cal game with Andrew and Preethi. The point of this post is to make me appreciate all the cool things I've done this month, and share some cool photos, especially when I'm in a funk this week and feel like my life is going nowhere!

This is what I get when I make my grandma sit in the middle seat. I get a double chin and a funny selfie.

N E W   T H I N G S   I   T R I E D : 

BRUNCH AT A-FRAME before the Buzzfeed Worth It video came out about it
PIZZANA my review here
HOMESTATE for Breakfast Tacos Texas style- I recommend the blanco

They are essentially little burritos. Lil Quesos and Lil Guacs come with chips too!

BARRY'S BOOTCAMP a HIIT workout in the dark, soulcycle-style
COFAX for Breakfast Burritos, prepare for a long wait, sceney Supreme people, beware of the jalapenos in the bacon burrio

We got a Dodgers donut while we waited for our burritos, and it stained our teeth.
SOUTH BEVERLY GRILL an upscale Hillstone- the Thai steak and noodle salad is maybe the best salad I've ever had in my life
RIDING IN THE BACK OF A CONVERTIBLE MUSTANG with the top down like a true Angeleno, thanks Shadie
SPENCER PRATT'S SNAPCHAT his US Weekly recaps and other celeb commentary is not to be missed

T H I N G S   I   B O U G H T :

CAL RUGBY SHIRT I have wanted one since college.. they are expensive!

Go Bears!

 thinking about it / bought it
J. CREW SILK TIGER SCARF it was on sale and I wanted it
MOVIEPASS still haven't gotten the card though
BOOKS Nakano Thrift Shop, What is the What, Never Let Me Go, The Nest

Worth every penny!
FLORAL MAXI DRESS for a wedding in April

Ignore the mess. Is this too white for a wedding? It's in Italy.
JW ANDERSON x UNIQLO UTILITY JACKET will probably return this

B O O K S   I   R E A D : 

WHAT HAPPENED it hurt but felt good to hear Hillary's voice at the same time
NAKANO THRIFT SHOP I'm trying to get into more Japanese translations- this was recommended at Skylight Books in Los Feliz

Not sure why I took this pic, but figured it should go in.
NEVER LET ME GO in my top 5 books now
BIG MAGIC creativity is a separate spirit to be treated as such

That cinnamon croissant over there is one of the things I'll really miss about LA
It was actually a good month. I really like going through my camera roll and reminiscing. I forget how much I hate work during these scrolls.

Except here you can see my misery.
I didn't get to spend a lot of time in LA on the weekends last month, and I probably won't again this month, considering Thanksgiving is also happening and I'm going to Vegas.  I'm excited to take more photos and experience more things and reflect on them here.  One day I can go back and reminisce just through this post alone!

Let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


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