I Bought It: Vintage Fendi Baguette Bag

So, I did it. Nobody commented on my previous post about the Vintage Fendi Baguette bag, and I bought it anyway. I got it for $36 on eBay, which was a pretty great deal. I didn't start using it right away as it came a little smelly (as in trapped-in-grandmas-attic-smelly) but I'm in the process of airing it out.

I also haven't been able to get into the small shoulder or pochette style/size bag. I feel like the little bags in your armpit are just not flattering and make you look bigger.  Plus the bag is soooooo unstructured and slouchy it looks horrible with the regular strap.  It's as if it was made out of jersey/T-shirt material. There has to be something sturdy and rectangular in the bag at all times so that it will keep its shape. It does fit a regular size paperback book though, which is a plus.

Look how much it fits! It still closes with all this in it!

Part of the reason I bought this bag is because I noticed the strap would be removable because it was just attached by two buckles on each side of the bag. I also thought I would be able to just remove the straps and use the pouch as a clutch on its own. However, the material has zero structure to it, is very mushy, and does not make for a good clutch. Enter my search for a replacement strap.

If you don't put anything in it and try to hold it by the top of the strap, it basically folds in half.

I ordered this strap on Amazon after seeing Elle Be talk about these straps in one of her YouTube vids (she has the gold to go with her LV pochettes). I ordered the oil slick colored one, instead of silver, because I thought it would look cooler and add some interest to this plain bag, and also could add some interest to some of my other bags.

It fit on the belt buckles, but because of the size of the buckles, the chain was too long to wear as a crossbody (and definitely too long to wear as a shoulder bag). I wasn't sure how to fix the chain issue, I needed it to be about a foot shorter to wear comfortably as a crossbody.  There was no way to tuck it under the flap of the bag -- because the fabric was too soft and unstructured, it would completely collapse if I tried to layer the chain underneath (similar to how you could double the strap on a wallet on chain, but unlike a sturdy Chanel flap).  I realized my only solution would be to double the strap up by threading it through one of the buckles and attaching both sides of the folded chain to the other buckle.

I am actually really enjoying the bag at this length. It's long enough that I can open it and get stuff in and out of it while it's on my shoulder, but still has that shoulder bag look. Because it's not fully in my armpit, it doesn't make me look like a huge monster.

The chains tend to fall off my shoulders a lot, but that seems to happen with any bag I wear. I think the oil slick chain looks really cool with the bag, and is clearly very different than what anyone else has. The Fendi logo on the baguette is not that noticeable or well-known (like Chanel or LV) so I don't know that people really realize that it's even Fendi.  It just looks like a small black bag with a weird rectangular buckle.

Anyway, I'm into it. It has been filling the void I have been needing to fill, which is a small casual and easy bag that I can throw on whenever I need to go out. It's casual but still nice, and is durable. So far it will pretty much go with everything... I've worn it about 3 times now. It's perfect for after workouts, or throwing on to go grocery shopping. It's basically a cool errand bag.

I thought that maybe after I got this plain canvas Fendi baguette, I would want to go and buy more in other colors and designs.  Now that I know how mushy and unstructured the material is, I'm a little more hesitant to do so.  I think the actual canvas bags will be more structured and easier to use.  They are already making a comeback on YouTube, similarly to the Dior saddle bags, but I'm not really interested in the plain monogram look. The plain black with a cool strap is all I really need from this look right now.

Now just gotta add it to my growing and ever-evolving handbag collection post.


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