Room Inspo for Moving Home

So I'm moving back to my parents' house from my beautifully decorated LA apartment. I haven't truly lived at my parents' house since high school, when I made the decision to paint it BRIGHT turquoise and yellow on alternating walls. This will simply not do for the 26-year-old attorney I now am.

I plan on bringing back a lot of my old furniture from my apartment and repurposing it into my old room. Definitely getting rid of my old light cherry-wood colored furniture and replacing it with almost all white.  I want to add in a lot of thick white shelving, and potentially paint all the walls a dull turquoise or all the walls white with a dull turquoise accent wall.

I'm now collecting a lot of inspiration for how exactly I can turn my old room into something livable and also acceptable as a guest room for when I eventually move back out. 

Source: ManRepeller

These are the kinds of white shelves I want. I want to fill up the whole wall opposite my bedroom window with shelves like these- not sure how possible that is though with how much furniture I will likely end up having in that room.

Also maybe a little something like this:

Source: Cup of Jo

Or a bunch of Billy bookcases next to eachother instead of a wall of shelves? I love how they look with glass doors.  And maybe backed with some wallpaper for an extra touch of pizazz?

Source: Cup of Jo

Source: Cup of Jo

I need a central light fixture too, but I'm not sure how exactly to go about setting up something like that. I will probably still be spending a good chunk of time in Ikea.

I am over the bright turquoise and yellow of my room, but I don't think I can go back to having white walls again. I need color! However, I think I need muted color to have an "adult" room. I was inspired by the color of the walls at this Monk exhibit at BAMPFA.

Source: The EveryGirl
I could go for a deep grayish blue too.

There's also a little desk nook next to my closet, which housed a desk for about the 10 years I lived there, but I am now going to repurpose as a vanity area. I'm thinking after a fresh paint job in one of those drab adult colors, putting one wall of wallpaper in the nook would be a nice touch, and this the wallpaper that has spoken to me the most:

I think the colors will go well with one of the muted gray/teals, and its a fun yet not childish print.  Because that's me, an adult that is fun but not overly childish. Right?? And I love the dragons. Ooops, just read the details more closely because I was getting serious about buying it. Anthro recommends professional installation AND you still need adhesive? No thx. Gotta go pick out some removable wallpaper now. I just hope I can find a similarly cool print..

I also want my closet to look like newly unemployed Steph Shep's:

Source: Refinery29
 How does she have so much room in her closet? Is that really all the clothing she has? My closet could never look like this because I have such a problem with letting things go, both physically and emotionally.

From the above photos, clearly I'm not going to be embracing minimalism anytime soon.  I have too much stuff.  We'll see how much of this inspo I can actually implement considering I am moving three rooms of stuff into one bedroom, even if it is the biggest of the non-master bedrooms at my parents' house. It will be fun!

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


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