Planning for my Walk to End Alzheimer's

My first experience with the Alzheimer's Association Walk to End Alzheimer's was last year, when I signed up as a volunteer for the Santa Monica walk.  Unknowingly but per the instructions in the volunteer email I received, I showed up at 7am and stayed for almost the entire day, when some (clearly more informed) UCLA undergrads didn't show up until 9am when the walk actually started. Although I was disappointed by the planning and misinformation given by the coordinator, I still felt good that I was able to volunteer my time for this event in support of Alzheimer's disease.

This year, I had wanted to organize a team in the Bay Area, but I wasn't going to be in town for the Solano walk. I had resigned myself to just donating to my aunt's walk in Solano, as I thought I had missed the LA walk, and then today I saw on Twitter that the LA Live walk is this Sunday. So I'm doing it!

Step One: Register a team - a/k/a pick a team name 
Both my maternal and paternal grandmothers suffer from Alzheimer's, though both are at different stages. Both are coincidentally named Julita (although my paternal grandmother had a mix-up with immigration when she first arrived in the US and they wrote her name as "Julieta") and both go by "Lita."  I obviously want a clever team name, but also one that pays homage to the two people that I am walking for.

To get some inspiration, I looked through the other team names in the Solano County walk, and walks from other cities. A lot of them are "Team ____" so "Team Julita" is clearly an option, but also clearly lacks creativity. Some good names include:
  • The Unforgettables
  • Barbara's Army
  • Adele's Belles
  • Remembering Mildred
  • You are my ALZstar
  • Grandma's Dream Team
  • Lola's Sunshines
  • Forget-Me-Nots
  • Love at Every Sight
  • A Walk to Remember
  • AAA (Accountants Against Alzheimer's)
  • Bubbie's Garden

This step is clearly going to take me the longest, as I don't want to register a team without having a good name. But I need to register so I can start getting everyone to clear their schedules! Some potential names:
  • Finding Lita (like Finding Dory....seems like too much of a stretch?)
  • It's Lit(a) (thanks Andrew)
  • 2Litas (thanks Auntie Dinna)

My Team Name: TEAM 2LITAS. I decided on this because it "two litas" already sounds like "Julita" which is the name of both grandmas, and they are coincidentally two Litas. Also TOO LIT right? Ha. Whatever this is what I'm going with.

Step Two: Add people to your team
Before I sent out any invites to the Solano walk, I made a list of every person that could potentially attend, so I would know what contact information to get.  Considering the walk is in 2 days, I'm just going to have to text my SoCal fam and see if they happen to be free on Sunday morning for this!

Although I know many members of my family would do anything for me and my family, and would come out to this walk, I think it will be important to make sure to detail every aspect of what's involved with the walk, so that everyone is on the same page.

For example, I know everyone will want a free t-shirt, but the website says that the t-shirts are only for those participants who raise over $100. Since I don't care to force everyone to contribute $100, I plan on making either my own printed t-shirts to distribute on the day of the walk, or making hats or some other accessory so everyone can walk around matching and have something to take home instead of one of the boring shirts from the walk.

Step Three: Raise Money
Considering I only have two days to raise money, I'm not really focusing on this step this year. Hopefully this blog is still around next year and I can go more in depth into this step.

Step Four: Prepare Outfits
The following is mostly for next year, considering the two days I have to plan for the walk are not going to be enough to enact this plan: for the shirts/hats/whatever that I plan on giving my team participants (so they don't have to worry about the $100 t-shirt), I'm liking the idea of theming the items to either Finding Dory, A Walk to Remember, 50 First Dates, or Forget-Me-Nots.

I think potentially superimposing two photos of each of them (or using a photo of them together) and then overlaying the yellow text (title and their names at the top) like the movie poster would be a cool graphic to put on a shirt. Will have to look into getting this professionally done or if an iron-on would look even close to acceptable.

This year, considering my "team" may only be me, Preethi, and Andrew, I'm thinking about just making purple hats to wear. 

I'm sure I will make another post about the actual walk after this weekend.


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