Girl Meets Pizza Review: Pizzeria Mozza

Mmmmm Pizzeria Mozza. If you haven't seen Nancy Silverton's episode of Chef's Table, you should.  Andrew and I had been here once before, before either of us were living in LA, and hadn't been back since. We went to Chi Spacca, on the other side of Osteria Mozza, all restaurants belonging to Nance. We came back this week for Preethi's birthday, and it was even better than I remember! This should have been the focus of that Chef's Table ep...

Has there ever been a sight more beautiful?
The best part about group dinners at pizza restaurants is that you can order a bunch and try all of them! We ordered 6 pizzas for 7 people to split, plus two orders of bread and caprese salad. It was too much food.

Interior: Dark and moody. and red.  Last time Andrew and I came we had to cram into the row of bench tables towards the back of the restaurant, where the tables are so close together that you have to pull them out to let the bench sitter get in. It's essentially a broken-up communal table.  Since we were a bigger party, we got to sit at one of the round tables in the middle of the restaurant, and it was a way better experience. The restaurant is pretty small inside so sometimes it's hard to get dinner reservations. But not Jon & Vinny's hard.

Menu: There were HELLA pizzas on that menu. Since I'm a vegetarian this week, and Preethi and her sis are also vegetarians, and Andrew is semi-vegetarian this week, we ordered mostly vegetarian pizzas or meat pizzas with the meat on the side for the meat eaters in the group. I tried all of them except for the Brussels Sprouts one, because I hate Brussels Sprouts!!!

We ordered:

  • Margherita [with mozzarella, tomato & basil]
  • Aglio e Olio [with mozzarella & fontina]
  • Bianca [with fontina, mozzarella, sottocenere & sage]
  • Funghi Misti, Fontina, Taleggio & Thyme
  • Brussels Sprouts, Guanciale, Red Onion & Mozzarella
  • Bianco Dinapoli Pomodoro Mozzarella di Bufala, Tomato, Basil & Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

Bianco DiNapoli Pomodoro Mozzarella di Bufala pizza: this was on the bottom of the menu, as a "special" pizza, using "certified organic tomatoes grown in Los Gatos, CA by Robert DiNapoli & Chris Bianco (owner of some really good pizza place in Arizona)."  I have the menu pulled up on another screen, so it's not like I actually remembered that or read it while I was at the restaurant. Andrew pointed it out to me though after we ate it. It was very good. The regular Margherita here has sauce that is supposed to be more similar to pizza sauce, and this Bianco DiNapoli one was supposed to taste more like fresh tomatoes, and it did. The sauce on the regular Margherita was too spicy for me. The first time Andrew and I came we must have gotten the regular Marg and that's probably why we hadn't come back until now. Now that we know about this Bianco DiNapoli Bufala creation, we will probably definitely be back! Plus there are so many other pizzas that we will want to try, perhaps when I'm eating meat again.

Instagram Opportunities: I haven't posted a 'gram of this place yet, but I might post the first pic on this post. It's not every visit that you get to order so many pizzas! Andrew and I usually only get one! I would say that the pizzas are very photogenic, the interior light is pretty good considering how moody the light seems, and there are plenty of opportunities to take some good grams. A flat lay of all the pizzas prob would have been best but I was with a group of people and not totally willing to go through that sort of embarrassment. Will update on how many likes the above photo gets me.

Overall rating: A.
Could have gotten a plus if they didn't try to charge us an $8 cutting fee per cupcake for the 7 cupcakes that Indu brought. Also would've added another plus if the restaurant wasn't so far from the westside!

As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


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