DWTS Season 25: Trios Night RECAP

My excitement for this night is off the charts. I already told Andrew that this episode may change my life.  TRIOS FEATURING STARS OF PAST SEASONS???? HOW CAN THIS GET BETTER? It is seriously nerdy how much I love this show and it is only compounded when I have no one else to talk to about this.  Neither my mom or grandma even watch this show!

The pairings are p e r f e c t. Granted, I actually only care about Jordan/Corbin, Rashad/Drew, and Frankie/Alfonso, but who even needs anyone else! 

They are dancing their individual dances first, which I don't really care about. 

T E R R E L L   &   C H E R Y L
Dance: Charleston
Thoughts: He said he didn't even know what the Charleston was before this dance. He did ok, I think the judges gave him an inflated score.

Score: 9 - 9 - 9

P R O P E R T Y  B R O T H E R   D R E W  S C O T T  &  E M M A R
Dance: Waltz
Thoughts: They went from being the bottom of the leaderboard to second! That's great and well-deserved! Back to the dance- how am I supposed to concentrate on these dances when I'm just waiting for their trio dances?!

L O L @ PBDS's fiancee not getting a seat in the front row and also being approximately 5 ft tall. So glad Tom commented on it, saying that PBDS "has connections" and could have gotten her in the front row. llooolll

Score: 7 - 7 - 8
Yikes, looks like they are still on this rollercoaster.

V I C T O R I A   &   V A L
Dance: Argentine Tango
Damn girl had a back spasm and is still dancing tonight? She looks fierce. Also she threw in a fierce wink in there, perfecting the eye contact with the camera. I like these tricks for making someone who isn't naturally "sexy" seem sexy.

Score: 8 - 8 - 8

L I N D S E Y   &   M A R K 
Dance: Samba
Ok so they made this a circus theme. Why? This is definitely not one of Lindsey's strongest dances and maybe not one of Mark's best choreographed dances.  I just don't really get it. The music doesn't really go with it, there's so much twerking in it. Why? Everyone is standing though so does that mean they all liked it???  Where was the samba in that?

Len just told her she could have some more hip action, so clearly they were using the wrong sorts of hip actions. Not a good dance for her.

Also not a good look for her saying that it's hard for her as a white girl to find her bounce?

Score: 9 - 8 - 9

F R A N K I E   &   W I T N E Y 
Dance: Viennese Waltz
I could listen to Frankie talk about DWTS forever. He is just the most earnest person I've ever seen on television. OMG he just said "it was easier when I expected to fail" - I want to cry. He is precious.

I have chills watching this. Omg when he caresses her head as Ed says "You look perfect" in the song, my jaw just dropped and stayed dropped the whole time.  Bruno called it a dream sequence and that's exactly how I felt!

Living for this guy.
Len is being a hater. LOL Tom just thanked him for taking the heat off of him. Tom is the best TV host I've ever seen.

Score: 9 - 8 - 9

J O R D A N   &   L I N D S A Y 
Dance: Quickstep
I don't quite understand this dance's theme. It's hypnotizing? I don't know this song either. The camera keeps showing some woman's boob profile in a dalmatian shirt.

Check out that side boob.
Okay that jette in unison was beautiful. They are very in tune with each other, even if this dance doesn't really make sense.

This is truly amazing.

Carrie Ann really loved it and called it "brilliant and sassy" twice, which are actually my goal descriptive words for my own life, so I may have to rewatch this dance. Len didn't say anything but gave a standing ovation. Ok ya they are really loving it so I will probably have to rewatch!!!

[Update: rewatched it, it was actually very amazing and that jette/jump was unreal.]

Score: 10 - 10 - 10
I love that they act just as excited every time they get 10s!

 T R I O S   T I M E ! ! ! !

L O L @ Terrell noting that Kelly Monaco is single. This is hilarious.
This is a very sensual dance. It's essentially a literal threesome on the dance floor. Also crazy that the celebrities' scores are dependent on these other celebrities that aren't professional dancers either! Cheryl and Kelly just dropped to the floor and climbed up Terrell as he was gyrating...ummm? Is this NSFW??

Score: 8 - 8 - 8
No date for Terrell!

This dance was jaw droppingly good. PBDS kept up with Rashad so well! Emmar choreographed such a great dance!!!!

PBDS JUMPED OVER THEM!!! I was worried for PBDS to keep up with Rashad too. Loved this ending pose.

Score: 9 - 8 - 8

Laurie has the brightest energy I've ever seen in my life. Poor Victoria is getting really outshone in this instance, and it doesn't help that she had a back spasm earlier in the night or the day before and plus hello she can't even control the feeling in her legs!!!

Score: 8 - 8 - 8

Ok, they are really making me wait for my two favorite pairs. Who is going to be last?! Frankie/Alfonso or Jordan/Corbin?! I do love Kristie Yamaguchi though. Even though I never really cared for ice skating, seeing an Asian American woman in such prominence in pop culture was very inspiring for me.

The dance was pretty much what was expected. Very good and entertaining but nothing mindblowing. It did seem like a professional flapper show or something that would be a paid-for event, like Carrie said.

Score: 10 - 9 - 9

Ok so Jordan/Corbin must be really good! Alfonso's earnest personality is soooo similar to Frankie's! Witney said they were even so similar anyway. Frankie's faces this episode are killing me.

This dance is sooooooo good already!!!!!!!! Throwing in the Carlton tease as usual. So good. Witney is the best!!!! I feel bad because i also want Lindsay to win her first mirrorball, but Witney is so good!!!!! They also know when to throw in the high energy fun numbers. HIS FACES, IM DYING.

Score: 9 - 9 - 9

Hmm Lindsay and two broadway stars. Are they going to mention Lin???? "From career, to the look, to the personality, it's like looking in the mirror" - Corbin Bleu.  Jordan mentioning seeing him in HSM and not knowing "mixed kids" could perform like that was great. They are literally like twins though.

This dance is ALREADY SO FLAMES. They are both such dynamic dancers!!! They are literally mirror images of each other at this FAST MOVING SALSA DANCE! I could watch this forever honestly. Corbin is like a proud older brother of Jordan right now and I want to cry!!! That was so good.

Score: 10 - 10 - 10
Most deserved 10s I've ever seen!!!

Hmmm who is going home???? Terrell and Cheryl???? Victoria and Val???

Last Two: Frankie and Witney / Terrell and Cheryl 
WHAT THE FUH HOW ARE FRANKIE AND WITNEY STILL IN THE BOTTOM? Maybe this is just ABC trying to drum up even more votes. They didn't actually say that Frankie and Witney were in jeopardy, they were just not called as "safe" as early as the other couples.

I don't believe that they were at the bottom of the leaderboard, they were actually at the top????? They got a perfect score last week! There is no way. People love Frankie!!! This is a ploy!!! That's okay though, if it just gets more people to vote for him I don't mind!


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