DWTS Season 25: The Semi-Finals RECAP

Wow they are not wasting anytime this episode! No pro dance to start with, going straight into the dancer's pick dances.


p r o p e r t y   b r o t h e r   d r e w   s c o t t   &   e m m a r
Emmar picked a Scottish song for PBDS because he's Scottish and of course he's wearing a kilt. Amazing entrance already. PBDS just ripped off his pants to reveal the kilt and is lipsyncing the song.

Hahaha what a great ending! It's great they are trying to be creative and funny considering PBDS is definitely the worst dancer left. Clearly a fan favorite though!

LOL @ ABC. They keep showing PBDS' fiancee now finally sitting in the front row hahahaha.

Score: 8 - 8 - 8

v i c t o r i a   &   v a l
Val picked a song for Victoria's parents.  She's dancing with Val and Jenna (who are dating) as they play her parents. Romantic. It's also a contemporary so this is actually a pretty cool dance and shows her coming up and being able to walk and run from her debilitating illness.

Ummm wow Val just interrupted Bruno's critique to thank his gf for her choreography.

Score: 9 - 9 - 9
She looks pretty disappointed by this but is also probably her best score yet right?

j o r d a n   &   l i n d s a y
Lindsay picked a song for Jordan being an older brother. This is really sweet. He didn't have great examples for older siblings to he did the exact opposite for his younger siblings.

They are also making her injury V dramatic. Like by including timestamps of when she said certain things. She is dancing with a knee brace so hopefully she will be okay, and I'm sure they could make some changes during dress if anything wasn't going to go well.This definitely does NOT look like a dance by someone with a knee injury!!!!! I am so scared for her. Awwwwwww his siblings are crying too.

Wow the judges are really giving it to him. Carrie Ann was saying it wasn't his best, Len is saying it wasn't a good Argentine Tango and it was too much of a focus on the story.  Bruno at least said it was his most mature performance to date! That he was strong and stylish and not overplayed but played with focus!

Apparently there was another injury??? Jordan's eye is injured?? He took a nail from Lindsay to the eye and had a scratched cornea! She also just started crying because she choreographed the dance to be a testament to their brother and sister relationship which is really sweet!

Score: 9 - 9 - 10
Ya well if that's his "bad" score from the judges, that's still better than what Victoria got!!

l i n d s e y   &   m a r k
Mark chose a song for Lindsey about not caring what other people think. Hmmm they are starting on a bare mattress. It's a contemporary which is basically Lindsey's bread and butter in her dancing violin performances. Not sure I actually understand the story though.  Is she in an abusive relationship? She looks so much better with her hair down and not in pigtails or anything childish.

THEY DANCED TO MARK'S OWN SONG? OMG HAHAHAHAHAHA no wonder he "picked" it for her.

Score: 10 - 9 - 10

f r a n k i e   &   w i t n e y
OMG is he going to take his shirt off or isn't he?! L o L though at the male pros' reactions to his abs.
Witney picked a song for him to inspire confidence. I AM OBSESSED with this. He just asked if he was the only one twerking and then said "nuh uh" when Witney said yes. I cannot wait.


Oh no Frankie just stepped the wrong way! He was nervous about twerking! omg he just slow-motion slam dunked a basketball. HHAAHAA he did take his shirt off hahaahahahahahaa im dying.

Score: 8 - 8 - 9
dammmmmm that's a lil rough


p r o p e r t y   b r o t h e r   d r e w   s c o t t   &   e m m a r
Iconic dance: Corbin Bleu & Karina Smirnoff / Jazz
This is already iconic again because of PBDS's facials. I'm obsessed. I think they pulled off that "risky" move for the most part. ohhh wait that wasn't even it. Ohhhhh my god my jaw just dropped on that risky move. That was SERIOUS RISK. My jaw is still dropped. Tom just said he's never been more nervous for a move in all 25 seasons.

flinging Emmar to near death

Score: 8 - 8 - 8
awww Emmar just mouthed "come on Bruno" to save their score!

v i c t o r i a   &   v a l 
Iconic dance: Amber Riley & Derek Hough / Charleston
She did look like she was looking up a lot more during this dance and it made a big difference!

Score: 9 - 10 - 10
Also very nice of the judges to give her her first 10s!

j o r d a n   &   l i n d s a y
Iconic dance: Mark Ballas & Paige VanZant / Jive / Proud Mary
I loooooveeeeee that Lindsay can potentially fart in Jordan's face during this dance.

This is amazing already- just the costume change alone was insane and I was not expecting that. I wonder how similar this dance is to the original iconic one.. Are they going to try to outdo the double cartwheel? They did a triple cartwheel! Is that the same thing??? Or is it better??? Of course they did that. That was really an amazing dance.  So much content! Carrie Ann is going nuts. She called it the marathon jive, and that Jordan actually did the double cartwheel with straight legs!

Mark's bent-leg double cartwheel
LOL @ the shade at Mark WHO IS THERE! HAHAHA! Also I can't believe Lindsay wears her engagement ring while she dances??? Da fuq? What if it gets caught on her dresses or anything?? No wonder Jordan got his eye shanked!

Score: 10 - 10 - 10

l i n d s e y   &   m a r k
Iconic dance: Maks & Meryl Davis / Tango
Wow they are basically wearing the same outfits? I don't feel like that was a great choice. They aren't going to have the same chemistry because Lindsey acts like a 6 year old girl. As predicted, this is relatively underwhelming. I don't know if its them, or the lights they chose, but this doesn't seem anywhere near as good as Meryl's dance until these last two poses at the end.

Score: 9 - 9 - 10
Looks like JORDAN is going to win the mirror ball!

f r a n k i e   &   w i t n e y
Iconic dance: Apolo Ohno & Julianne Hough / Paso Doble
Witney and Frankie are actually going to try to recreate the exact choreography???? Omg watching Frankie do the knee slides. OMG watching Frankie try to do the velcro on her skirt. I can watch Frankie do anything! Get him back on TV!

Ooooo Angry spice. I died throughout the whole thing basically. Their dance was just as iconic!!! Witney nailed the splits! Frankie got the velcro and the knee slides!

Score: 9 - 8 - 9

e l i m i n a t i o n
Safe: Lindsey & Mark
Safe: Drew & Emmar
Safe: Jordan & Lindsay


Wow Victoria is really crying. How old is she? Did she just think for sure she was safe??? Sad. I'm just tired of ABC putting Frankie in the last two teams to find out whether they are safe or not and casually NOT mentioning that they are in the actual "bottom two" as in with the lowest combined scores.

Next week is the finale! What am I going to do on Monday nights now? Let me know, thanks.


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