DWTS Season 25: Finale Night 1 RECAP

OK I am HYPE for this finale tonight. I think Property Brother Drew Scott is going home tonight, but who knows! Maybe Lindsey will! A girl can dream!

r e d e m p t i o n   d a n c e s

Redemption dance: Paso Doble

Each judge is paired with a dance couple to give them tips. Bruno is paired with PBDS and Emmar and came to their rehearsal dressed like a construction man because Property Brothers right?

This was for sure the best dance I've ever seen PBDS dance. He was so graceful! Carrie Ann agrees! She said she is heartbroken! PBDS finally found his finesse. What a great first dance of the night!

Ohhhhh wow SHADE thrown Julianne. She hasn't been judging all season but she's been watching? L o L. She just gave PBDS the title "most improved" which is also kind of rude because she's basically telling him he's not going to win. But I guess we pretty much all know he's not going to win...

Score: 9 - 9 - 9 - 9

Redemption dance: Foxtrot

Frankie's challenge is to do a solo by himself and he's doing it right at the beginning! I'm obsessed. I love this song.

Look at that height he's getting.

Witney looks AMAZING. This dance is a little whatever. Not as sparkly as some of Frankie's other dances. I think he's messed up a few times here too.

Score: 10 - 9 - 10 - 9

Quick intermission featuring Pitbull and 4th Harmony.

Redemption dance: Charleston

I like how they don't have to actually do the same exact dance that they had to redeem themselves from. Jordan is constantly sticking his tongue out at the camera during his dances. I'm not totally sure what Charleston content is, so I can't tell how much content is actually here. It seems like there's probably a lot though. I think it's a lot of these weird kick-type moves. Loving the close up on the pink shoes. Where did he even get those? Did they spray paint them? Awww his two siblings are there.

Julianne's look is very interesting. Her hair is saying renaissance fair, her dress is saying nutcracker maybe? I'm not sure what is up with her dress. Maybe it just looks off because her hair is soooo platinum and her eyebrows are sooo dark.

Dang, Lindsay totally does deserve this as her first mirror ball!!! Jordan just said Lindsay has made him a better ARTIST. She deserves it.

Score: 10 - 10 - 10 - 10
I can't wait for their freestyle!!!

Redemption dance: Quickstep

Wow Lindsey and Mark are both touring? She also is the only female celebrity left in the competition. Direct quote from Lindsey: "someone's super proud of herself. and it's me!" I love her lipsyncing to a man's voice. This is going to be a great dance I can tell because the music is already so good! I can't believe they got all 7s on their first quickstep. Their steps here don't seem that quick though. It seems like it could be better.

Wow Carrie Ann just said that Lindsey is the most improved? Shade to PBDS!

Score: 10 - 10 - 10 - 10

f r e e s t y l e

Ok Emmar needs to cool it with the tricks. Everyone is nervous the whole time!

Very interesting fakeout with the "time out" thing. I don't know that it really did anything for me. They didn't go into anything really cool after that, they just started all doing solos together?

Also I don't understand why the theme was "Ukranian Tea Room" when they could have something better and more related to PBDS...

Score: 9 - 10 - 10 - 10

They are making this sooooo dramatic. They just did a rewind from practice to two days earlier.

One of the executive producers is telling Witney that she should reconsider doing a powerful dance as opposed to lighthearted.  When have they ever showed an executive producer of this show???? Really lifting the curtain back for Frankie.

Frankie is being so sweet and telling her that he trusts her 100%. Awwww crying Frankie!!!!!

Hmmm ok Liberty Bell? They are all wearing black warrior outfits. I am living for this. Witney definitely made the right call. People like Frankie doing the powerful dances too!!! Like the Pirates  of the Caribbean one!!!!

Ok the breakdown section with the drumming was a little weird and off I think but overall very cool!!! I love Frankie!!!

Everyone is chanting his name!!!

Score: 9 - 9 - 10 - 10

I have high hopes for this dance. The content they are showing from the rehearsals already looks amazing.

My favorite moment in the dance, I don't know that the lighting people really got it right.
Who's gonna win?
Amazing that Carrie Ann is saying after this freestyle that she's sad she only gets to watch 2 more dances after this, and those two dances are going to be tomorrow night so she's basically saying he's definitely going to be in the night 2 finale haha.

Score: 10 - 10 - 10 - 10


Being a human violin.

Shocker, she's going to do a violin dance. It actually was a very cool dance, she did violin while ballroom dancing with Mark and also doing flips and stuff! Very cool. Still don't think she should win though.

Playing violin and turning in a lift.

Score: 10 - 10 - 10 - 10


Ok PBDS and Emmar are gone, that was obvious. I was still having heart palpitations though that Frankie was going to go home again.

Can't wait for tomorrow night! I hope its Jordan/Lindsay and Frankie/Witney at the end, with Jordan winning. I'm honestly still considering leaving work early and going to the grove just to see this. When else am I going to have an opportunity like this?


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