A Trip to Las Vegas

I haven't been to Vegas in 5 years, since I first turned 21.  There have been opportunities since then but they always seemed not to work out.  We were even supposed to go earlier this year and watch BSB's residency but even that didn't work out! When the Backstreet Boys returned to their residency at Planet Hollywood, Melanie bought tickets right away, booked the hotel, and we were off.

FRIDAY: Missed my flight because LAX sux so I arrived in Vegas 3 hours later than expected

Time for dinner!!! I forgot to pack jeans.

Carbone @ Aria

Mel and I decided pasta would be good, considering I am still not eating meat. We picked Carbone because it was in the Aria and we were too lazy to go elsewhere. We balled out and got this hella good Pinot Bianco to go with our pasta and caesar salad and prosciutto plate.  The food was really really good, and they also kept giving us free stuff. They started us off with a shaving of parmigiano reggiano and a bread basket, and after dinner, when we were too full for dessert, they still gave us these little almond italian cookies AND limoncello. We ate wayyyyyyy too much and missed the Chainsmokers at XS because I passed out after dinner. haaaa. I also had a long day at the airport ok???


I bought all this random stuff before I even started drinking.
We thought we were going to sleep in but ended up waking up at 9. We got crepes at Jean Phillippe in the Aria and then headed over to Fashion Show Mall to spend money. I bought a Coach dinosaur clutch, a Justice League shirt and hat from Shoe Palace, and jeans and a shirt from Topshop. So random. I had also decided to treat myself to a new Chanel cardholder (as a reward for geting a new job), but when I got to the Chanel store in the Bellagio I wasn't in love with any of the options they had, and so I am still waiting to get one. I am also sort of leaning towards the black classic flap one, just because it's classic. But I don't really want a black wallet.

I wanted a colorful one but the new caviar style of leather on the blue one felt cheap.

After shopping, I got pizza from DiFara in Caesar's, and we went back to the hotel to watch the Cal game and take a nap before the concert.

Backstreet Boys LARGER THAN LIFE @ Planet Hollywood

We got here a tad early because I mistakenly thought the concert started at 8 and not 9pm because I never looked at the tickets lol. The venue was pretty large but even though we were in the farthest section, it felt like we were still pretty close to the stage.

Our Section 208 was clearly going to be the best. The girls behind us had tanks that said "Am I sexual? Yeaahhh" and another row behind us was a bunch of Filipino boys (and one white boy) that were wearing all white BSB outfits a la the Millenium album.

Before the boyz came out, they played a montage/mashup of a bunch of their most popular songs with a video montage of the boyz over the years. I was already hype. The Boyz came out in all white outfits, just like the boys behind us, and I lost my mind. The concert was amazing. There were approximately 10 backup dancers that came out here and there, but the Boyz still did a lot of their signature choreography that I was dying for. This is what is missing from the world today, boys who can sing and do choreographed dances at the same time! 1D let this die. We need to start this up again.

Also, they played The Call, which is my favorite BSB song. They also played Get Another Boyfriend which is another obscure favorite- they didn't play Bad Boy though. The Call was the only song I was waiting for and it didn't disappoint. The Boyz were also still so good at singing and performing. I truly loved it. I didn't take too many pictures or videos because I was too hype and too into the concert. It ended too quickly! The concert really did fulfill my twenty year old dream from when I was 6 of seeing Nick Carter in person. He's still just as handsome as I thought he was back then!!!

So glad I planned this outfit out in advance. I need to do that more often because it really helped!

SUNDAY: Time for brunch and getting home

Bardot Brasserie @ Aria

We were planning on going to Wicked Spoon for brunch, but I got up too late and plus we were still feeling reeallly full from the rest of the weekend. We decided to just go to Bardot (a Michael Mina restaurant) because it was in the hotel again and we could check out and keep our bags nearby and not have to walk anywhere. I ordered a french omelette that came with "hash browns" but they ended up being an ugly brick of potatoes that is less appetizing than a hash brown from McDonalds. They should not have made the description plural- that's what really misled me. Anyway the omelette was ok- the best part of this place was their bread. I did really fill up though so I wasn't going to be hungry at the airport.

I ended up signing up for Clear because of my horrible experience getting through LAX security on the way in.  It's basically a service you pay for and then they escort you to the very front of the security line. It apparently works in tandem with TSA precheck (and is much more expensive than precheck), but if you don't have precheck you can still get it- you just have to take your shoes off still.  They don't have it yet in Oakland, but considering I'll probably still be coming to LA a lot to visit Andrew, I thought it would probably be worth it. They also have it at SFO.

All in all, Vegas was a little gross and overindulgent. I loved seeing BSB and would probably come back if something like that was happening again. There were too many drunk old people and the air is 50% tobacco. Plus I ate way too much at EVERY meal.

Maybe I'll visit again in another 5 years!

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


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