What's My Brand?

What's my brand? I would say Celine.

Ha. But also to me, a Celine girl could be me: A young professional female attorney with a sense of humor, an attitude (/RBF), and a burgeoning sense of style, looking to channel her inner creative spirit and share her stories. And forces her boyfriend to take cool candid photos.

Interested in starting a collection of designer purses (and shoes, eventually). Loves to read other blogs/articles and watch YouTube videos about this topic. Wants to eventually create content about this topic but currently is too poor and has too many other expenses.

Free People dress; Gap chambray shirt; Louis Vuitton mini pochette with Felicie chain; 
Minnie Mouse x Kate Spade phone case

Wears a lot of black and white with occasional pops of color and patterns, mostly shops at J.Crew and Uniqlo but aspires to Iro or Maje.  White button-up shirts are essential.  Just getting into statement earrings, but is allergic to costume jewelry (Kate Spade is the happy medium).  Still wears leggings as pants on the weekends (and the occasional Friday at the office).  Dreams of owning Chanel but will currently settle for French collabs at Uniqlo and a Gucci velvet marmont (still a dream, for now).  Loves cool sneakers and Celine sunglasses. Is addicted to shopping.

Lazy but wants to appear put together and fit.  Needs to refine skills in both the hair and make-up department.  Didn't start wearing foundation until law school.  Also got fatter in law school.

Tells it like it is, but usually sees "it" in a negative way.  Struggling to be more positive, but at least wants to be more positive.

Replaced a young love of boybands and reality TV with reading novels and non-fiction and obsessing over musical theater.  Still loves Real Housewives and Dancing With The Stars.

Love language is gifts. Caring and loving daughter, sister, and girlfriend.  Efficient employee and attorney.  Aspiring writer or editor or novelist.

Signs every email with "Best, Isabella"


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