What to Wear to a Backstreet Boys Concert

I'm going to a BSB Concert in Vegas with Melanie in November, and now that I am on the verge of booking flights, I have been daydreaming about to wear to the event.

My lewk inspirations include: a) bachelor contestants in the BSB episode, or b) Kardashian in a vintage band tee.

Photo: Leena Tailor via etonline

Photo via Glamour
Both looks seem relatively easy to attain, and inexpensive. At first I had wanted Mel and I to both wear the Bachelor outfits, but that was also when we were planning to go at an earlier date, closer in time to when that episode aired. Now I fear too much time has passed and no one will "get it."  But it's the internet, so maybe they will. Plus I could just use the multiple pictures option on Instagram to really spell it out to people.

Bachelor Contestant Lewk will need:

Honestly, I'm already sort of over this, because I've already started looking for old BSB tour tees on eBay. But, if I don't get one in time, this Bachelor look is easy enough for me to get last minute.

Kardashian In A Band Tee Lewk will need:

  • Vintage BSB tour tee in a size bigger than Medium
  • Bottoms: cut off shorts, high-waisted jeans, or a leather skirt
  • Boots: open toe black leather ankle, snakeskin ankle, or black OTK
  • Extras: fringe bag, western belt, or draped fur coat

via Daily Mail

Kim has clearly recycled the Kardashian In A Band Tee Lewk more than once, and I am also feeling it more than the rest of the Kardashian Lewks.  However, successful execution of this Lewk will ultimately depend on if I can get a BSB band tee in time, and what such tee looks like.

Alternatively, just next to Kim is the Steph Shep Denim Short Suit Lewk, which is also a possibility, though maybe is too casual for a Vegas event.

This is the band tee I'm thinking about getting. It's a BSB 1998 tour t-shirt, and I'm obsessed.  [UPDATE: I just bought the tee because I saw 5 other people were watching it, and I had just missed out on this Millenium tour shirt, so I needed to pull the trigger already. It was a little expensive but I think it will still be worth it.]

We'll see which Kardashian In A Band Tee Lewk I end up going with. It's very likely that I'll go with the pregnant Kim look, but also not sure how a giant shirt is going to look over a leather skirt when I don't have a pregnant belly to balance it out. We shall see~

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


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