Predicting the Comeback of the Visor

This past weekend, while shopping for officially licensed Cal gear, I had my hair in a top knot because it was hot outside and I was wearing a turtleneck and a wannabe Patagonia down jacket from Costco.  Such top knot prevented me from trying on any baseball caps or beanies with ease.  I also don't need another Cal baseball cap or beanie, considering I already own several, but when in Rome. Plus, Bancroft Clothing Co. was having a sale on baseball caps, and a pink one was calling my name. On the far side of the sale table were the sale visors, and I had an epiphany. I needed one. A visor solved my problem of wanting to have my hair up but have my forehead and face protected from the sun at the same time. Why aren't all girls wearing visors?!!?! We all already wear top knots! You heard it here first, the visor is the new dad hat. It's just a matter of time before we see visors at urban outfitters embroidered with "it's lit" and nail salon roses and emojis.

Honestly a perfect juxtaposition with my mom turtleneck

There is such a minor difference between a visor and a dad hat anyway. Both were uncool for the last decade, but Dad hats have had their comeback. Visors are just dad hats with open space for a ponytail, bun, or top knot, which is actually a HUGE advantage. There are so many more options!

MOREOVER, your head won't get as sweaty as it will be able to breathe in that open space. You may still have hat hair taking the visor off, but at least it won't be super matted-down and sweaty on top (unless this only happens to me).

I used to own several visors. I collected them when I was in second grade for everyday wear, and then again in high school when I was the chicest player on our tennis team. I loved visors because I could still wear ponytails with them, and full hats made my head hot. Plus I have a very large head and regular hats would give me headaches (still do).

What makes a visor less "cool" than a dad hat or even a bucket hat? "Dorky" hats are all the rage now, so why not visors? I guess I might have to wait until next spring/summer to really bring this back, as it's getting to be "winter" season (even though in LA its supposed to hit 100 degrees this week).

(In case you wanted to see it without the shopping bag covering the tied-around-waist jacket)

I sure am using a lot of parentheticals to get my point across.

As always, let me know if you have any questions or concerns.


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