Michael Michael Kors Ruffled Fil Coupe Crepon Midi Dress REVIEW

I bought this dress in a Medium, because it's all they had at Macy's Last Act, and it was only $30. When I started googling the dress and seeing that it's still selling on net-a-porter for $175, I had to buy it. Based on the Size & Fit information on net-a-porter, I should probably have gotten an Extra Small, but c'est la vie.

Not a bargain. 

Big bargain. But also a big dress.

The dress is really pretty, and my aunt (mother of the groom) wanted her side of the family to wear navy to my cousin's wedding next week, so I just bought it. I tucked the elastic waistband of the skirt up, under my bra, to make both the midi skirt and the torso part of the dress shorter. The dress still looks pretty in person, but it doesn't do a lot for my figure, obviously. I'm hoping that a pair of nude heels will make the lewk look better.

Still looks huge here. Looks a little better on tip toes and with tilted posture. Still bought it.

My half-German cousin tried on the dress when I wasn't at home because she didn't bring a dress from Germany to wear. She is approximately 5 inches taller than me (at least) so even though we are about the same size, everything looks better on her because she's taller! That almost immediately turned me off from wearing this dress. I was going to wear a polka dot jumpsuit instead. But then my dad said they looked like pajamas so I changed. Once I came down in this dress he said I should wear the pajamas instead, but my mom and cousin insisted that I didn't go back up and change. So I was already distraught over my outfit choice.

Still wore it.  As if I didn't already look short and frumpy next to her, 
my cousin chose a different, tighter dress,  and I figured out that i
n my dress I would have to get photographed from the waist up all day.

The dress looked really good from about the waist up. Every full-body picture I saw of myself looked horrendous. Even though I wanted to show off my shoes, I could NOT with the full body of the dress. I looked like a fat girl.  I think the dress looked okay in daylight in actual outdoor light, because the light showed where my waist actually was. At night, and during the reception when most of the photos were taken, the pictures showing anything below my waist looked horrendous because the skirt of the dress poofs out a little bit.

Chic, outdoor lighting.

Awful, horrendous indoor lighting.

This is the kind of dress in which you have to worry about arm placement in any photos. And posture. I knew that going in, but towards the end of the night with a few drinks in my system I was prone to forgetting and left to having to delete photos from my mom's phone in hopes that the ones taken on others' phones never make it to the internet. 

No regrets on buying it, but definitely would have looked immensely better in the correct size. Worth it for $30. Not $175. It is a beautiful dress though and perfect for a wedding.

As always, please let me know if you have any questions or comments. 


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