Should I Buy This? The Kooples Iconic Emily Bag

I am obsessed with handbags. I'm also obsessed with Parisian looks, and the vibe of The Kooples. It's no surprise then that I am recently obsessed with their new bag collaboration with Emily Ratajowski for the Iconic Emily Bag, especially considering it comes in red, and I don't happen to have any red handbags in my collection...

Red is a color that I've avoided since CalSO before freshman year of college at Cal, when the counselors told us that if we wear anything red on campus or in classes, we may be subject to hissing or chants of "take off that red shirt" due to our fiery rivalry with Stanford.

Now that red is the color of the season, I've succumbed to the trends and have been longing to add more pops of red to my wardrobe. I recently bought some red Sam Edelman flats, that I have been wearing to work a lot, so I know that a red bag will also work well with my basic outfits.  Plus, my go-to bag right now is my pink Balenciaga mini city, which I don't think is going to translate that well into Autumn/Winter as it is clearly a S/S color.

Enter the Iconic Emily Bag by The Kooples. I follow The Kooples on Instagram, and a majority of their posts have been promoting this bag, so it's been in the forefront of my conscious. Curiously, I haven't seen a lot of bloggers (or any, for that matter) carrying this bag, so I know I'm not really being truly "influenced" by social media for this bag, even though I found out about it on social media.

It comes in 3 sizes, and I'm torn between the small and the medium. Considering I haven't seen this bag in person, I'm really not sure which will better suit my lifestyle. I am leaning towards the small, because it is cheaper but also I tend to prefer mini bags.  However, if the small won't fit a book or my moleskine notebook, I might just have to get the medium version. I just need to see them in person.

The small retails for $375 and the medium for $445, which are not super cheap, but very reasonable compared to high end designer bags. I am also torn between buying this bag or saving my $400 to eventually splurge on a higher end designer.  However, I don't think I will be spending over $1000 on a bag any time soon, unless (and until) I move back in with my parents and can spare a rent check on a bag. I set a shopping budget every month of $500, so under $500 it is, especially when I'm sure I will still be buying other things during the month.

Something about this bag really speaks to me, and I can already picture myself using it. It might be because it's the perfect amount of preppy and edgy and Parisian and put-together, in the amounts that I hope to embody in my own personal style (which is only a tad edgy, more preppy, very Parisian and of course overall put-together). The put-together part comes with the territory of being an attorney. I could carry this bag at work, and around on the weekends. I can't even really think of any outfits that it wouldn't go with, even in the spring or summer.  In other words, it's perfect.  Now that I think about it, I guess it wouldn't go with the Cal gear I plan on wearing to the game this weekend, but I digress. 

It's also cheaper in Europe, not even including the potential VAT return. Can I wait until April? Will I want something else by then? Answers would be no, and yes, respectively.

So why am I even writing this? I clearly have convinced myself I need this bag, except I know I don't actually need it, because I really don't need anything. Plus I need to be nicer to my bank account.  What I need is someone else to convince me one way or the other as to whether or not I should buy this.  I am sort of seeing it as a prize or reward for myself, but for what accomplishment remains unknown. Perhaps when I get a new job, or hit some sort of milestone with this blog, or maybe for when I turn 27, although I sort of promised myself Chanel flats for that...

Let me know what you think, thanks!


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