HOW TO Take Photos of Girls

If a girl hands you her iPhone and says "HIYEEE CAN U TAKE A PIC OF US/ME??????" what should you do?
(a) Take one picture and hand it back to her
(b) Hold the phone, wait until she smiles, take one picture and then hand it back to her
(c) Hold the phone, angle it to the position you think is best, take one picture and then hand it back
(d) Take multiple pictures, regardless of whether she is smiling or looking at you, just keep clicking that little picture-taking circle, until she reaches for her phone back
(e) Tell her you are going to take multiple pictures, so act accordingly, and then click away as the girl poses and laughs and looks away, until she reaches for her phone back

It shocks me that so many people choose any of the options (a)-(c).  I can understand if I just handed you a camera with ACTUAL FILM in it, that you wouldn't want to waste the film on pictures of the same thing, however, my IPHONE should have space for you to give me a few (or more) photos to choose from.

For example, at a 5th Harmony/Jojo concert, my friend Melanie and I bought Timberland boots ("work from home" boots) and wanted to highlight them in a pic for the 'gram.  We asked this kind looking dad, who was there with his young daughter, sitting in the row across from us, to take our pic at the bottom of the steps.  We were NOT just smiling with arms around each other like BASICS. We crouched down at the bottom of the steps and tried to stick our feet out as NATURALLY as possible.  I maybe even told the dude that we were trying to highlight our new Timbs.  This dude took a while with my phone, moving the phone around to different angles, and the entire time I was thinking in my head "YASS this dude is taking hella pics for us to choose from, he gets it." You can imagine my surprise when I get my phone back and all I get is this:

ONE PHOTO. ONE. He was holding my phone for at least 7 minutes while Melanie and I were posing awkwardly at the bottom of the steps for a large portion of the crowd to see. It's also not even a good photo, the angle is horrible, and we had to awkwardly take more by ourselves in the same area since no one else seemed to understand what we were going for.

It's become almost a science when asking strangers to take your photo -- not only do you have to find someone that looks nice enough and willing to give up their precious time to take your photo, but add another layer of someone that will take multiple photos of you that are not necessarily you-straight-up-looking-at-the-camera-and-smiling.

We all know the feeling when you ask someone to take your photo, and they tell you they will take a bunch.  Especially when they clarify that they will take a bunch, so do a bunch of poses or try a bunch of different things.  THEY ARE ANGELS.

I recently had an encounter with one of these angels at the Women's March in DTLA:

Compare the above to this other pic from a non-angel we asked:

So what's the solution? Send out a PSA to people everywhere to TAKE MULTIPLE PICS? That's what this is. My own boyfriend doesn't understand this rule, no matter how much I whine about it, so I know that there is a lot of work to be done.

Another solution is to take multiple pics for others when they ask you to take their pic. Do unto others, people!

The correct answer is (D) people!!! Look at me reaching for the camera! Andrew took the above photoset of me last year for Halloween, after I explicitly told him I need him to take a bunch. People can be trained!!!


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