DWTS Season 25 Recap: Most Memorable Year

MAKS IS BACK! One of the articles I read about the drama said that they wouldn't be surprised if Vanessa danced with Alen the rest of the season and that Maks never came back. Now everyone is going to be watching very closely to the "chemistry" between Maks and Vanessa...

FRANKIE MUNIZ is first. Bryan Cranston just made an appearance so you know he's a star. I didn't even know Bryan Cranston was on MIM. Clearly I'm not a true fan. O M G his most memorable year is 2017? Even though he knows everyone else would think his most memorable year would be the year that MIM started? I'm crying already. It's 2017 because he's finally happy with where he is, focusing on racecar driving and music and he's happy with his acting career. PLUS HE LOVES DANCING WITH THE STARS, JUST LIKE ME!

The special effects on this dance are very cool, although I don't really get what they are for.  They are dancing the quickstep so maybe its just to distract from the fact that they probably aren't going to be that good?

The performance seemed okay but it didn't make me emotional like his last few dances. Apparently he hurt his knee. Also he's having memory loss which is crazy and something that I feel very

Score: 8 - 8 - 8

TERRELL OWENS' grandma has dementia so I am already all over this. My satellite started cutting out so I barely saw any of this dance. I will have to watch it again on Hulu or YouTube and comment if I think it deserves any comments.

Score: 8 - 8 - 8
This triple 8 score became a trend of the night, with none of the judges wanting to diss a celebrity for their emotional dance this week.

NIKKI BELLA did a contemporary dance inside a wrestling ring. V into it. They basically did a bunch of wrestling moves in a graceful and sexy way.

Score: Idk, my satellite cut out during this part.


Peta is MAKING this dance. She leapt onto Nick like the most graceful human I've ever seen.  I would just watch Peta do a dance on her own. Surprise, Vanessa is crying from the stands!  Nick said all he ever wanted was his own family and the day he married Vanessa it all became possible but HE COULD HAVE HAD THAT WITH JESSICA. PLUS REMEMBER THEIR SONG TOGETHER? Vanessa just came down to give them both a hug because she's a diva and making it all about her! No wonder Maks hates her!

Score: 8 - 7 - 7
Uh oh, Nick might be going home soon!!!

LINDSAY STIRLING said her dad always wore a hat and scarf, and its true! He's wearing that in all the photos! She's tracking the story of her dad's battle with cancer, and it's really sad. I can tell this is going to be an emotional dance, which is great because she will (hopefully) calm down a little bit. She is dressed like a little girl though so who knows. I am already feeling really sad watching this. That was great choreography MARK!

Score: 9 - 8 - 9

5-TIME NBA CHAMPION DEREK FISHER is dancing to 2007, his daughter was 10 months old and diagnosed with eye cancer and they had to take her eye out WOW. wow. He chose to walk away from the last 3 years on his contract for $20M so he could focus on his daughter. I'm crying. He is already the nicest guy!!! Now his dance is going to be about his daughter? The thought of that already makes me want to cry.

This dance is great and so happy though! It's not even sad! It's a celebration of life and flowers. I love it. Wow it really did look like he was going to drop her though.

AWWWWWW his daughter is already crying at the end!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is sooooo precious. She is really sobbing.

Score: 7 - 8 - 8

SINGER AND ACTOR JORDAN FISHER is dancing to 2005, the year he was officially adopted. His biological mother had him at 16, and struggled with substance abuse. His grandparents adopted him and he said they were always like mom and dad to him. Amazing.

OH MY GOD he has a hamilton tattoo on his arm. I'm dying. So on the nose that it's actually amazing. Also he has a bunch of music notes on his bicep. Loving it.

I need to learn how to make or even use gifs if I'm gonna have good recaps...

This is beautiful. Lindsey's choreography is so good.  HE JUST DID THE WAVE WITH HER BODY. NOT ONCE but maybe 4 times.

Score: 10 - 9 - 10
WOWWW he got the first 2 10s of the season! He is going to double cry now! Finally!

SASHA PIETERSE is boring and I hope she goes home tonight. I don't even care about watching her dance.

Score: 8 - 8 - 8
Ugh, does not bode well for her chances of going home tonight.

Her mom left her when she was 2 and never came back?! They kept saying she was going to dance to a Nick Lachey song but 1) I don't know the song and 2) he didn't even sing it live. What's up with that??? I loved watching this dance because I was just watching for tension between her and Maks the whole time.

Score: 8 - 8 - 8

PROPERTY BROTHER DREW SCOTT said his true goal was to be an actor on TV. The headshots are AMAZING. He failed at being an actor but then he became a property brother. Jonathan is way fatter than him so I feel like he shouldn't be able to say they are identical.

JONATHAN IS DANCING TOO! I'm obsessed. How fun! How butthurt is Erin Andrews that Jonathan refused to join DWTS? She has brought it up so many times, probably every time that Jonathan has attended the show, and she probably won't stop any time soon.

Score: 8 - 8 - 8

ESPN HOST VICTORIA ARLEN is the last dancer of the night so this must be an emotional one. "I dont like to sit now that I can stand" OMG she's starting in the chair. She just pretended to fall. Oh man. They are dancing with the chair now. ~emotions~

Score 9 - 9 - 9

Dun-dun-dun elimination time...

Couples in Jeopardy: Nick & Peta and Derek & Sharna
Nooooooo I want them both to stay!!! Probably Nick is going home though. Vanessa is going to throw a fit.



Next week is Disney week!

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