DWTS Season 25: Night at the Movies RECAP

I recently started following a lot of DWTS cast members on instagram, and since I don't trust them, I've had to lay off the app so it doesn't get spoiled.

The opening number is all about old Hollywood and basically the casting process. Sharna with her dramatic red hair does look like a classic Hollywood starlet. It's crazy she wears any lip shade that isn't the same shade of red as her hair. I guess you wouldn't really want to. 

Frankie looks so cute in his Trolls costume I already can't wait!!!! 

Very interesting that Shania Twain is the guest judge when I don't think she's been in any movies? She literally just had a guest spot on Broad City. She does look very old Hollywood though. Erin's dress is very new Hollywood, aka very 2017 red carpet. 

Movie Genre: Foreign
Dance: Argentine Tango

Nikki is really growing on me, and I think because she is letting the audience get to know her better. She just said the competition has changed her and she has fallen in love with dance! Yet she knows she doesn't have the talent like Jordan or Lindsey, which is fair and I'm glad some people are acknowledging that those two are maybe unfairly the best, considering dance has been a big part of both of their lives.

Yikes she just missed one of the leg openings. I hope this doesn't mess up the rest of her dance. It is already giving me anxiety. EEK she just fell again in a hold. This is painful. I want to cry for her already. I bet she is already internally crying omg. Tom Bergeron just called Artem out and said that it was his fault and he is the one that lost his balance!

John Cena in da house

Score: 9 - 9 - 9 - 9
No one else even talked about the balance issues!


Ok so they just announced 3 couples are in jeopardy before they even dance? Also why 3 when every other elimination has been two couples in jeopardy????? Victoria and Val were NOT expecting that. Yikes.
Couples in jeopardy as of ONE DANCE danced: Nick & Peta (obviously), Terrell & Cheryl, Victoria & Val

Genre: Action
Dance: Paso Doble

He's a 10 time national champion in karate and has always wanted to be an action superstar lolll. Ok with all the kicks in this dance, I believe it. Emma looks amazing in this black bob wig. Drew's matrix trench coat, not feeling so much. OMG they just started a solo dance and Drew totally did it wrong. Like he was a full count off from everyone else so it stood out even more. There is so much to comment on this episode. Ok also that spin with Emma looked very uncomfortable for her. Maybe everyone is just thrown off that they already announced the couples in jeopardy so now no one is going to do well!

I can't get over Shania's hair. She needs to keep that look in her pocket. 

Glad Bruno caught on that he was like RIPPING HER ARM OFF every time he was spinning her around. I think he was too into the character and too excited. Len is being harsh. 

Score: 7 - 7 - 9 - 7
THANKS SHANIA! hahahahaha. Property Brother Drew Scott just said "that's why I love those Canadians"

Genre: Western
Dance: Samba

I am so glad they showed footage from when Frankie and Witney were declared in jeopardy instead of Nick and Peta, because everyone was just as shocked as I was! Nick just said he doesn't feel like a dancer, but like an idiot who is trying to be a dancer. Which is sad. And now he is saying he wants to show his 5 year old that his dad isn't a quitter! I love him still.

Ok so they are dancing a "Western" "Samba" which they were already going to have trouble with, but on top of that the song is a hip hop song. Nothing about this routine makes sense. The setting is "Peta's Auto Body" but she is dressed like Amelia Earhart. It is a hot mess.

Score: 7 - 6 - 7 - 6

Genre: Sports
Dance: Paso Doble

L o L Val just told her that Disney night is over, and she just dropped the bomb that she is a triplet and came out first! 

The leg swings in this dance seem like they may be difficult again. They danced to We Will Rock You which doesn't have a lot of melodic content to dance to, but hard beats. So it didn't really look like a dance to me?

Adam from the Goldbergs is also in da houzzz

Score: 8 - 8 - 7 - 8
Dammmmn Shania hahahaha. I am LOVING her as guest judge. She's totally unpredictable!

Genre: Spy
Dance: Jive

I am LOLing at this package of T.O. trying to act like a spy. It is truly hilarious. Especially the one with the white brick wall covering.

I like this remix of the song. Also amazing the wallpaper of the backgdrop has a bunch of 10-paddles on it. What is Sasha doing there with the drink? Hahahaha. I'm actually very into this. I think the music was a great choice, and I like the use of the double sided backdrop. Wow more 10 paddles!  Wow that ending looks like it may have hurt Cheryl's back but she was too excited that they nailed the ending that it looks like she's ignoring it!

Score: 9 - 9 - 10 - 9
Shania is GREAT.

Wait she is DEFINITELY LIP SYNCING THIS SONG THOUGH. Is it just me? Is it my spotty HD-satellite reception? It is like autotuned. She could be singing into an autotune mic, but doubt it. This is too obvious. I h8 when singers are lipsyncing and still overact the difficulty of the song.

Genre: Animation
Dance: Jazz
I could listen forever to Frankie talk about how much he loves this show. Omg they are discussing his history with animation and he just said Seth McFarlane makes fun of him on every one of his shows.

Ok I didn't write anything during the dance because I wanted to watch the whole thing. That was so entertaining. Frankie messed up a few times with the footwork, and even at the ending when he was supposed to spin around on his knee, but it was still GREAT. He is just so enthusiastic and it translates so purely on camera.


He is STILL SO POSITIVE EVEN ABOUT THE KNEE TURN! I love him. I'm going to give him all my votes again this week. I'm obsessed with his wig and his blue eyebrows. Witney looks beautiful as usual even with extreme blush and glitter freckles.

Score: 7 - 8 - 8 - 8
OK CARRIE ANN my jaw dropped on that one.

Genre: Musical
Dance: Quickstep

I wonder what song they are going to pick for this.... there are so many good options but I'm sure they will pick something whack.

Ok I don't know what this is, but Vanessa does look good with the mic. OMG her skirt just fell off already hahahahahaha. This episode is full of so many mistakes for every couple. I think that was part of their routine, oh well! Vanessa is lip syncing to this musical song better than Shania did during her performance.

Score: 9 - 9 - 9 - 9

Genre: Drama
Dance: Rumba

Ooooo he is stressing out. It's interesting he isn't going last, but Lindsey's dance must be pretty good.
This is a very cool slow rumba but still obviously a rumba. Mostly because of Jordan's hip thrusts/movements. Of COURSE Jordan got "drama" because this is what he excels at most! His walkaway at the ending was soooooo dramatic. He just hugged Tom Bergeron at the end because he's filled with so much emotion!

Omg Len is taking issue with his hand movements in hold. I am DYING laughing. He called them "twiddly fiddlies" and was asking him why he had to do it.

Score: 10 - 9 - 10 - 10
Len LOL. Tom keeps doing the hand thing now. He's great. He is really a great host.

Genre: Sci-fi
Dance: Argentine Tango

I'm glad that Lindsey is finally wearing something cool and not like a bubbly little girl outfit. I hope that this translates into a dance that does not contain a hyper little girl again.

This is already going to be a cool dance I think. Love the robotic head stuttering movements. Lindsey is totally in character. I don't know if the argentine tango is the best dance for a "robot" when it requires so much bending and stretching. I'm not sure how well it works with the staccato movements of the robot that she is going for. Ok that was a pretty cool ending though.

Score: 10 - 10 - 10 - 10
oooo Jordan is boutta be pissed.

Who is getting eliminated???
NICK & PETA. Boooo. He just said he came in not a very good dancer and he's leaving not a very good dancer hahaha. He said he's going to be back every week! Gotta support crying Vanessa over there! She just tried to run onto the stage to hug him. She should have gotten "drama" and Jordan should have gotten "musical" -- that actually makes way more sense.

Until next time, next week is Halloween Team Dances! I'm off to watch The Good Doctor. It's actually a very good show.


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