DWTS Season 25: Halloween [Team Dance] Night RECAP

So much shade being thrown at Lindsay and Jordan this season- umm did we all forget about Normani and Simone and Heather and even Nancy whatever her name is last season?????

V I C T O R I A  &  V A L

Val is the one throwing hella shade, which is weird because in the same breath he just admitted that Victoria is the first partner he's had that's not a dancer. ???

Carrie Ann's hair is SERVING IT ON A PLATTER. She needs to grow her hair out like that for real.  I missed a lot of this dance so I'm going to need to rewatch it.

Score 9 - 9 - 9

J O R D A N  &  L I N D S A Y
Werewolf and Little Red Riding Hood is already a cool theme.  Acknowledging that the competition is really between Jordan and Lindsey is really great because no one is pretending that it's not.

But JAW IS DROPPED @ Mark being Lindsay's teacher when she was 14 and now she's up against him! That is dope. It's great that she feels the competition to be the most creative in her choreography because that is going to make both of their dances so good!

This dance is extreme. So much going on. Lindsay looks amazing. I think Jordan might have been off a little bit throughout the dance. There was a lot going on and the song wasn't the easiest to hold a beat to. They looked dope though and that ending pose was literally FIERCE.

Score: 10 - 10 - 10
Take that Lindsey & Mark!

Apparently they still get more scores during team dances, so that will probably be interesting...

N I K K I  B E L L A  &  A R T E M
Whoops missed that dance because I was making cookies...something happened with a name tag..

Update: Wait I don't get this at all. Why are they at a starbucks??? Is the theme of this dance Pumpkin Spice??? Or she is just a witch that fell in love with a barista???

Score: 8 - 8 - 8

V A N E S S A  &  M A K S
LOVE how dramatic this dance is already. Wow she backed up perfectly into Maks! Deserves a 10 already. Good use of the smoke machine. That will cover up and missteps again. Vanessa is looking fierce though. I am Loving this. OK the ending was a little bit weird, but the beginning was really good. Where's Nick in the audience? Oh, there he is. Hahaha.

Score: 8 - 8 - 8

T E R R E L L  &  C H E R Y L
honestly, the theme of this its a little weird. Terrell starts out as a trick or treater but he really is a vampire?

Who is the super freak here? Why did Cheryl invite a trick or treater into her home? And what's with the dinner table set up?

Score: 8 - 8 - 9
Sasha just scared Cheryl so bad right after they got scores hahaha

OMG HE'S SCARING EVERYONE that's amazing. I could watch a show of him just doing this. He dressed up as a face-covered scarecrow and jumped at everyone walking into the rehearsal place. Wow Frankie is not scared of anything. Nikki just threw her phone hahahahahahahahaha

L I N D S E Y  &  M A R K 
They are finally dancing to her own song? A crazy violin song? Yup this is a dope song though. Plus she is used to dancing t the beats created by a violin so this is cool. Plus this kind of violin song is perfect for a paso doble which is what I assume they are dancing to. She definitely isn't 100% during this dance which is sad since she gets to dance to her own song. Why are they putting all these throwing moves in the dance if she has a DISPLACED RIB? That seems a TAD extra. She is like hurt now from that ending because he literally threw her on the floor. Or she fell. But because he threw her on the floor.

They are doing the score thing sitting down now because she's in so much pain. Are the judges going to score accordingly?

Score: 9 - 9 - 9
Looks like YES.

F R A N K I E  &  W I T N E Y
Witney just said "Frankie is becoming a choreographer now you guys, this is good" haha.

OK THIS IS DOPE. Witney is an amazing choreographer. Her movements matching his hand movements like she's possessed??????? Amazing. A M A Z I N G. Tom just said "totally unexpected" which is like a little rude because Witney is an amazing choreographer and physical storyteller!

Also Len just made me realize that the song was a creepy version of "I'll be watching you." Carrie Ann described this song as them being connected by an invisible string of emotion which is exactly what it was!!!

Score: 10 - 10 - 10

(I already knew they got this because I live on the West Coast and follow Frankie on twitter and he already posted about it!) But that doesn't mean it's not still an amazing moment! Witney is 10x more excited about this than Frankie because he is in shock. All he keeps saying is how much he loves this show and it makes me love him so much more!!!

Why are Property Brother Drew Scott and Emmar going last??? They must have a good dance! Or I'm wrong and there really is no rhyme or reason to what couple goes last..

P R O P E R T Y  B R O T H E R  D R E W  S C O T T  &  E M M A R
They have had to travel to Canada to rehearse! What is this, 5th Harmony tour? I'm obsessed with this dance just from the beginning. I love Emmar. PBDS is doing great!

Omg they fell and I thought it was part of the dance but apparently it was slippery on the floor. So did Carrie Ann! Ok it was sort of part of the choreography?

Score: 9 - 9 - 9
Great! Hopefully Vanessa goes home!

CORBIN BLEU WAS A RUNNER UP? DAMN. Who won? AMBER RILEY? Wow. I wish I watched that season. Wait are these former competitors going to dance too? Guess not.

T E A M   M O N S T E R   M A S H 
I bet Jordan is happy about his team, because Lindsey is on it! Are these the top scorers of the whole competition?? Oh yes they are. At least from last week.

I love this. I have the chills. It's just so fun seeing the celebrities all dance together!
Eek Nikki Bella messed up a little bit during the solo breakdown part.

Score: 8 - 8 - 8
Jordan is boutta be piiiiisssssssseeeddd.

T E A M   P H A N T O M   O F   T H E   B A L L R O O M 

I love that they are all wearing the same outfits. It is a better look than the last group, which Carrie Ann noted their differing costumes made it clear that they were all separate couples.

Good thing Vanessa is wearing a mask, because them announcing she's in jeopardy I'm sure made her start crying.

I'm obsessed with this. This is a real team ballroom dance. I wonder if they all have to dance together for 30 seconds or whatever too. I guess they could still just switch partners and dance together.

I love that Frankie gets to be in the front of everything. Everything is about Frankie!!! He is the Phantom!

Oh my god Vanessa just walked right up to the front to be closest to Tom. I guess she has to savor it because she could be going home tonight. I really want to like her but she makes it hard.

Score: 10 - 10 - 10


I feel u Nikki Bella!

Only 3 weeks left!! They are having a special finale ceremony at the Grove..how can I get there? Help me!


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