The night I've been waiting for, that I look forward to the most every season. Disney night!!!

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Peta and Maks are real DWTS royalty and I'm glad they finally got to dress the part.

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ESPN HOST VICTORIA ARLEN [Steamboat Mickey]: She looks very cute in her Steamboat Minnie outfit. This is a cute dance, she's doing a lot of jumping and leg stuff, which is making me nervous. I can't watch her legs give out during the show! I don't think they did, but I think she sort of had a false start at the very beginning. She is a great person to go first, because she just shouted out to Disney magic regarding her legs and saying that anything can happen and basically that all your dreams can come true if you have the courage to pursue them.

Watching Erin come up with questions for the dancers while they wait for the scores is one of my favorite parts of this show. She is typically very good but it's also fun to catch her in moments not knowing what to say.

Score: 9 - 9 - 9
That seems a little generous but I think I might have to rewatch this again.
Val just called her the epitome of Disney which is really nice.

VANESSA MINNILLO-LACHEY [Snow White]: Where is the drama with Maks? Please show us, ABC. Maks looks so cute playing all of the dwarves. I could watch this forever. It seems like they made up this dwarves bit because they didn't have any footage of them working together to try to make the dance good. Very suspicious, DWTS producers. In any event, Maks' hair also looks really good in the show all glued down (and perhaps colored in) and all. He looks like a real prince!!!!

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Wow very elaborate setup for this Snow White performance. They are dancing to a song that is in French? This seems like a good dance but very bad chemistry between the two. I can't connect with it at all. LOL SHE GOES BACK TO SLEEP AT THE END???? And Maks runs away??? HAHAHA this is too good.

Score: 8 - 8 - 8
She looks like she is about to cry out of disappointment @ those scores, but has to keep the smile on her face, because she is a princess!

Score: 9 - 10 - 9

They just made it clear that this is Disney Night "Through The Years" and they are doing the dances in order of when they came out, which is why they started with Steamboat Willie and Snow White? That must mean that Jordan is going second to last and Nikki Bella is going last considering her song hasn't even been released to the public yet.

98 DEGREES MEMBER NICK LACHEY [The Jungle Book]: This is already a very cute dance. Nick is sad that he is dead last on the leaderboard, but that's what he gets for trashing DWTS when his little bro was on it.

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Oh my god he just faux-motorboated Peta there. Is this appropriate for primetime network television? Vanessa must be extra pissed!!! Peta is the fiercest bear I've ever seen. Girls will not dress up as bears for Halloween after having this to be compared to.

Score: 7 - 8 - 7
Len is in a good mood tonight!


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They made Muppets of them!!!! That's amazing. Property Brother Drew Scott's Muppet voices are pretty good! Love Kermit!

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I love Drew's outfit. OMG the skirt is beautiful, and the inside of his coattails. This song is so good, it's giving me the chills. This is beautiful. I love this. The way that her dress and his coattails are moving are actually mesmerizing me in this dance. That was precious and pure and beautiful. Loved it.

Score: 9 - 8 - 8 - 10
Luvvvv Kermit

PLL Sasha Pieterse [The Little Mermaid]:
I am DYING at Gleb forcing her to work out. I'm dying. SHE'S LOST 37 POUNDS? She just said "I've lost 37 pounds, it really is magical."

They do look very in character. I'm more into this than I thought I would be. This wig is a good look on her. She is smiling a little bit too much like a cheerleader...

Now the audience put their ears back on again!! hahahaha!!!

Score: idk

Hahaha Keo is Mufasa???  A lot of backup dancer in this. I guess it actually makes sense. I'm into it. Uh oh, he's losing it. he looks like he's forcing her a lot which means they aren't doing the moves with the right timing. This is a pretty hard dance though, the quickstep.

The judges sound like they liked his dance a lot more? Carrie Ann just said she was watching the footwork the whole time and not one mistake? Was I watching the same dance? Maybe she was just too focused on the footwork and not the arms which is what I was looking at.

Score: 9 - 8 - 8

It was worth it.

DWTS' #2 FAN FRANKIE MUNIZ [Pirates of the Caribbean]: OMG Witney is hilarious. she just said Frankie is an actor, so he should be able to "act sexy" since he isn't naturally....hahahahaha this is too good.

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This dance is amazing. So precise. The sexy-acting is believable too!!!! It's probably the painted-on facial hair. It's so sensual but intense and almost like a fight. Their dance is actually telling a story, it's like a flirty Mr. and Mrs. Smith fight scene.

Apparently Witney caught her heel in her skirt but I didn't notice. Will need to rewatch for that.

Frankie's love for this show is going to win him the Mirror Ball Trophy!!! His love for the show parallels mine and I think will resonate with any true fan of the show as well.

Score: 10 - 9 - 10

SINGER AND ACTOR JORDAN FISHER IS DANCING TO HIS OWN VERSION OF THEIR CHOSEN SONG BECAUSE HE IS A BALLER [Moana]: whaaattttt a humblebrag. So amazing. I am LIVING FOR THIS ALREADY. This version is a little bit hilarious because it is like a sexy version of "You're Welcome" but love that Lin's rap verse is still in it.

The dance was great, obviously. They did a breakdown in the middle that was like step dancing with them clapping all over themselves.

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Jordan is so well-trained in everything, from his dancing, to singing, to even his political correctness in answering Erin's questions.

Score: 10 - 10 - 10
Jordan just said "thank you Len" because he gave him a 10, but at first I thought he said "thank you Lin," because THAT IS MORE ACCURATE!!!

TOTAL DIVA NIKKI BELLA [Coco]: I am very excited to hear this song, and to see this traditional mariachi style dance. The skirt does look very very fund to dance with. Also Nikki Bella is totally ripped. She has an amazing bod.

I'm not sure that this dance should have been characterized as a Jazz. This music is weird to dance to, but just picked up during second half on the big dance floor and it's actually much better.

All the judges keep talking about how beautiful she looks, but I think she really was radiating a very positive and beautiful energy during the dance.

Score: 9 - 9 - 9

Dun dun dun.. ELIMINATION time.

Couples in Jeopardy: Sasha and Gleb (yes!) and FRANKIE AND WITNEY?
ARE U FREAKING SERIOUS PEOPLE? ARE U SERIOUS???????? I WANT TO CRY RIGHT NOW FOR FRANKIE THIS IS A TRAVESTY. At least Sasha and Gleb are definitely out. right? right? right?

OH MY GOD I ALMOST HAD A HEART ATTACK THERE. Frankie is getting all my votes this week. Jordan and Lindsay don't need it right now!

Please vote!!! dwtsvote.abc.go.com!


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