Where's My Money: August 2017

This is a sort of money diary, although it's not separated out by day and doesn't actually include all of my expenses. Just the ones that I think are interesting and want to reflect back on. Who doesn't want to know how people spend their money????

Ok, so I spent over $700 on restaurants alone this month, which is not so bad considering I spent less than $100 on groceries.

I spent a total of $142.77 specifically at Amandine Cafe, over a span of 14 visits this month, which is really not as bad as I was expecting. Some days I just get a croissant, some days I just get coffee, and some days I get both AND a $16 steak salad for lunch.  It's my refuge from the office, so I consider this a worth-it expense that I will and have continued to make.

I went approximately $500 over my shopping budget this month, but mostly because Melanie visited twice! LOL it's not her fault at all, I go over my shopping budget EVERY month because I have no self control and I am addicted to shopping. Here is what I bought:

& Other Stories Patterned Dress (similar): $19.73 (on sale!)

& Other Stories Striped T-Shirt (similar): $29

COS Jacket: ~$75 (on sale!)

COS Dress (similar): ~$50 (on sale!)

Sam Edelman Red Felicia Flats: $76.48 (on sale!)

Louise Et Cie Black Patent Oxfords: $89.14 (on sale!)

Dancing With The Stars Live! Tour T-Shirt: $35.00

Le Specs Round Ziggy Sunglasses: $30.04 (on sale!)

APL Pink Running Shoes: $158.41 (discounted!)

Uniqlo Wide-Leg Pants: $29.90

Uniqlo White High-Waisted Shorts: $5.90 (on sale!)

Fjallraven Ocean Green Backpack: $87.40

OK, my life would be the same if I didn't accumulate all of these new things, but now its BETTER! Plus, the only thing I bought that was over $100 were the APLs.  They were still discounted!!! But clearly all these nearly-$100 purchases add up over time. I have already worn everything purchased except the COS jacket (because it's hot), the DWTS shirt (saving for the premiere on September 16), and Uniqlo pants (just bought them, but are also packed for my trip to NY next week).

Worst purchase: The Le Specs sunglasses were probably the MOST unnecessary purchase, but I had been going through an obsession with the Stace Face from Alice & Olivia and bought them to wear with my hair in a bun. I still love them though. I don't wear them as much as either of my Celines, as the Ziggys only go with certain Looks, but I got them at Nordstrom so I can always still return them.

Best purchase: I actually really find that the rest of these purchases were really great and useful for me. I truly love the COS jacket even though I haven't gotten a chance to wear it yet...The backpack I just opened up yesterday and am already using it, and plan on using it all next week for my trip! Also really loving the oxfords, they are very comfortable and make me feel cool and edgy with my typical boring work clothes.

I think my new obsession with books is just an example of my shopping addiction directed at something more "productive." I spend an absurd amount of money on books every month, especially considering I can really only finish about 1.5 a month. This month, I spent $35.11 on 5 books. That price is totally not bad for 5 books! Especially when one of them (A Little Life) costs around $27 full price. This is due to my recent discovery of book monster, a Korean used bookstore that just opened up off of the Promenade in Santa Monica.  I already love perusing book stores and finding new books that I never knew I wanted to read, but when they are literally a fraction of the price and are still in very good condition, how can I resist???? Fortunately, I only went twice this month. So far, I have finished My Brilliant Friend and am halfway through A Little Life, so it's been pretty worth it.

Persuasion by Jane Austen: $0.99

My Brilliant Friend by Elena Ferrante: $8.10

A Little Life by Hanya Yanagihara: $2.99

The Idiot by Elif Batuman: $8.92

Men Without Women by Haruki Murakami: $10.86

I also have a B&N membership, because I got sucked into it, and plus I do want to support them in their war against Amazon. I'm over Amazon at this point, unless I really need a book right away and I don't feel like trekking 4 miles to Santa Monica.  I mostly want to support independent book stores, and feel comfortable spending $50+ on books at these locations so they can stay alive.

Getting around in LA is not cheap. Andrew and I avoid going a lot of places because parking is either impossible to find or expensive, as evidenced below. Sometimes we just take Lyfts places because it's cheaper than paying for parking and worth the expense of not looking for parking. Sometimes, like when we eat dinner in the Sawtelle area every week, we drive around FOREVER until we find a free parking spot. We have never paid the $6 for the public lot there.

8/3: Lyft from Andrew's to my apt: $7.74
8/4: Parking in DTLA: $11.00
8/5: Parking in Beverly Hills: $9.00
8/5: Lyft from Grand Central Market to the U.S. Bank Building: $6.05
8/6: Parking in Santa Monica: $4.00
8/8: Full tank of Gas: $38.38
8/21: Southwest roundtrip flight from LAX to OAK: $247.96
8/30: Lyft from LAX to my apt: $23.31

I wasn't sure if I should include my flight home, but since it's an added travel cost of me living here, it seemed appropriate. Since my office is only 2 miles from my apt and sometimes I walk, I only fill my tank up about once a month. Minus the flight, $90 for transportation isn't so bad, especially considering I ventured out farther than Santa Monica.

The only thing I feel gross about this month is that I spent so much on restaurants and spent less than $100 on groceries. That means I was eating out sooooooooo much. This needs to end. But it will have to wait until after our trip to DC and NYC next week!

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