Weekend Update: September 3

What I bought this week: Nothing!!!!!!

What I wanted to buy: Also nothing! Mostly in preparation of this upcoming trip in which I knew I would be dropping a bit of $$$.

LA life: A and I ate dinner at Mercado, an old fav, but left feeling nauseous from too much animal fat (carnitas). The carnitas there are truly the best though. Afterwards, we went to an old classic we had never actually tried in LA - Baskin Robbins. It was a little gross in there though.

DC life: Saturday was spent mostly on a plane. I accidentally booked a flight with a stop (no plane change) in Dallas so the flight took an hour longer than a direct would be. Oops! The Virgin planes had some good movies on board (Hidden Figures, The Nice Guys, Gifted) but I wanted to finish my book and also was too lazy to get my headphones out of my bag.

Empty, brainwashing plane.

Anyway, we are in DC now, and I think I'll just recap our entire trip at once. On Saturday night we went to have TAPAS AND CHURROS at Estadio, then got a cereal milk soft serve at Milkbar, because we are gluttons. Sunday we tried this amazing liberal coffee shop called Emissary (instagrammed), walked down to the National Botanic Garden, then went to the Hirshhorn, then the Hamilton for snacks and drinks, then to 2Amys for pizza dinner, bc Girl Meets Pizza. More to come!

My Fjallraven out in the wild (literally, at the National Botanic Garden park),
 and a Voss water because I forgot my swell bottle at home. I'm Scandinavian.

Girl Meets 2Amys Pizza.

Articles I've shared: Wasn't at work for two days last week, so didn't get a lot of sharing done.
Berkeley Rep apparently gets a bunch of pre-Broadway previews of musicals, which I never took advantage of when I lived there. This new musical seems like a must-see for Andrew and I!

What I'm Listening to: #LookWhatYouMadeMeDo, especially in light of continuous revelations of snakes at work.

What I'm reading: Finishing up A Little Life, but it's the only book I brought to D.C. so I guess I'll have to buy another new book this week!

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