I Need Everything in J. Crew's New Arrivals

I know the rugby shirt is going to be back this season and I can't wait to get my hands on one. I have seen on instagram that J.Crew has some good colors out, so I started browsing their "new arrivals" section to see how much it would cost, and how many colorways I would want to buy.

I hadn't even gotten to the rugby shirts yet when my jaw dropped as I came across this pink velvet blazer.  I am still drooling for a gucci velvet marmont in either teal or pink (teal is last season so I guess I would settle for the fuchsia) and this would potentially quench that longing. Potentially. I would rather have the gucci bag than this blazer. Maybe.  I would wear this (to work) with any of my white button up shirts, and even the black and white patterned shirts, and clearly even a blue and white striped shirt as seen below.

V into this dress because its brand is WORK APPROPRIATE but still sassy.

I would say the new arrivals are all pretty Gucci-inspired, with the velvet and the bows, but I'm definitely not complaining.

This ruffle top with black bottoms is the perfect all black lewk to pair with the pink velvet blazer

Ok, the rugby shirts aren't even on the first page of new arrivals...guess I will have to keep browsing through these 5 pages..

FINALLY on page 2, my future rugby shirt, available in 3 colors.

I'm very into all 3 colors, even though I'm a little overwhelmed that only 3 were available. I'll have to see the colors in person to determine which one I'm going to buy first... I also really want a Cal rugby now, which I have wanted since college, but never pulled the trigger. This year will be the year.

Also a big YASS to these pants:

This dress is potentially the perfect LBD that I have yet to add to my collection.

That's it for the New Arrivals. I'm digging this new direction that Jim Brett is taking this in. LOL. I just googled "J. Crew Executive Director" and his name was the first result, I don't actually know anything about fashion.

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