DWTS Season 25 Recap: Latin Night

Season 25: Episode 3: Week 2

Still upset that Barbara Corcoran Shark was the first eliminated.

Needs to be said that Peta's post-baby body is unparalleled. She is dancing on national TV with her straight up ABS exposed after having a baby 8 months ago?????

NIKKI BELLA and Artem's CHEEK ROLL was truly amazing. I want to watch their dance again just for that. It is interesting Artem chose to be shirtless for the dress when Nikki was already going to be uncomfortable bumping and grinding with another man!

VICTORIA ARLEN is great and just radiates positivity and sunshine. There was a little snag where her leg didn't make it all the way around Val's body, but the judges didn't mention it. I don't truly understand how much of her legs she can control, because dancing requires a lot of control of your legs!!!! Also Carrie Ann pointed out that she loved that she showed her legs, and now I'm noticing for the first time that I think she is wearing flesh colored leggings with knee holes, but not totally sure. I couldn't even tell the whole dance! I wouldn't have noticed if Carrie Ann didn't point it out. Taylor sent her flowers but she also sent Cardi B flowers for taking her spot on the Billboard Hot 100 soooo...

They keep saying Frankie Muniz is "up next" but he is the LAST DANCER. That means they knew his performance was going to be really good.

DEREK FISHER called himself "naturally a smiler" which is accurate. He radiates sunshine just like Victoria! He's probably the nicest basketball player around. They are working with the cameras a lot with this dance and it is paying off. Watching sports players dance is one of my favorite parts of this show, because you can tell how hard they are working to get their dances right (also because they are super competitive and want to get good scores).

SASHA PIETERSE finally opened up about her PCOS that now every news outlet is picking up. Seriously, if you google her name (like I just did to spell it right), there are so many articles popping up about it. Good for Dancing With The Stars! Also great for her that she's losing the weight by dancing on the show!!! What a way to do it.

NICK LACHEY is getting asked what his first date was like with Vanessa but he has no idea. She said it was at the "Cherry Lounge" and they "literally made out for like, hours" so it clearly they probably never went on an actual first date. hahahhaha. That's okay, I'm not sure Andrew and I really did either.  That's real, people! Peta's body is insane. She is literally just wearing a bra and all 8 of her abs are showing.  She deserves an award. Their scores weren't really good. Nick said he's gonna steal all the "6" paddles. Erin just said her's was a "7" back in the day...ok humblebrag much? Just kick him while he's down!

JORDAN FISHER and Lindsay are the best. Lindsay could finally win it this year! This dance is amazing. So dyanmic, full of perfect and precise movements, especially because Carrie Ann asked for more ballroom "nuances" I think they definitely brought it. Love the part where they were solo dancing with their legs out and Jordan was slapping her butt. The profile of the finish was AMAZING. He is clearly a trained dancer, but he is still the most fun to watch out of all the trained dancers this season!!!! I watched their dance like 5 more times on youtube. Also LOVING the song they danced to.  Carrie Ann thanked them for the nuances! Jordan is so gracious to Lindsay and she definitely deserves it!!!! They are the best partners.

PROPERTY BROTHER DREW SCOTT is also so fun to watch. He's just naturally funny. Him channeling "sexy energy" is hilarious. He's also just a big nerd. He said he could feel his "sexiness degrees" going up AS HE WAS GETTING SPRAY TANNED. amazing. The spray tan was definitely worth it though with his open shirt look.  His dance is surprisingly very graceful and his hands don't look so wide and open this time! Amazing that Emma is teaching him and his fiancee to do THAT DANCE on their wedding day? That seems just a tad difficult.

DEBBIE GIBSON is still the worst and I wish Barbara Corcoran Shark was dancing with Keo instead. Sorry Alan.  She just said "Alan and I were singled out for our chemistry by the judges."  That alone explains how she sees herself, if that's how she interpreted the last episode. Sure, out of ALL the couples, they have the best chemistry. A 20-year-old and a 55-year old. Right. I just looked at her twitter and the FIRST phrase in her description is "pop icon."  Carrie Ann's criticism of her was very cold and detached. The diva rumors must involve her! Especially since Carrie Ann seems to really love Vanessa. She still gave her a 7 though.

VANESSA MINNILLO/LACHEY is going through a "flashback" of her time in NY and included a photo with Fergie LOL. Even funnier that she is talking about going out in NYC a lot and that's why she thought she could dance. That's amazing. I feel you girl. Also this Demi song is already giving me life for this dance. Her outfit with the pants is also fierce.  She is good at dancing! She is part Filipino so she has to be!!! She did lose her balance a little bit which the judges noticed but still really good. The ending was a little weird, she looked awkward, but still a great show. Oh great, another flash to Peta's abs!

TERRELL OWENS is like this season's Rashad except without the charm and with an inflated ego. I mean maybe that's deserved, because he's more of a household name and is bigger, but he isn't as good of a dancer that's for sure! He is huge and looked like his hands and arms were flailing around everywhere. Love watching Cheryl though so I don't want them to get eliminated! It is surprising that they are getting such consistently low scores. I guess everyone is pretty good this season.

LINDSEY STIRLING is actually like Tinkerbell joined the show. She is blond and peppy and seems to flutter with so much energy. She could very easily play Tinkerbell in a live action Peter Pan, which did happen, and I didn't watch, and I don't know who played Tinkerbell. Hmm I just googled it and it looks like no one did! So it's still a possibility for her. Considering she's PERFORMED on the show before becoming a contestant, it seems a little unfair to compare her to the rest of the cast members who are not actually dancers. Sure she is a violinist but she is a DANCING violinist. This is very similar to Heather from last season, who was great at dancing but not great at connecting her story with the audience.  Heather got the first 10 of the season yet was eliminated right after, probably because she didn't get enough votes!!!

FRANKIE MUNIZ lived up to the hype that the producers build by repeatedly saying he was up next and saving him for last! Frankie's love for the show is exactly how I feel about it. He doesn't want it to end and neither do I! We are both dedicated to this show! He is soooo great. He just told Whitney "I really enjoy this." in the most sincere way possible.  Frankie already daancing to Bruno Mars in gold sparkles? Will this be able to compete with Rashad's 24K magic dance????? Bold move, Frankie. Witney is also such a great partner! She is always looking at him and encouraging him and with a huge smile the whole time! This may be tied for the best partnership.

DEBBIE & ALAN ARE GONE!!!!! BYEEEEEEEEEEE SO HAPPY! Now it is going to start getting harder. If Nick is eliminated this early it's going to be pretty rough considering it looks like Vanessa is going to make it pretty far and his brother Drew won the first season!!!

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