DWTS Season 25 Recap: Ballroom Night

Season 25: Episode 2: Week 2

I went to the gym early this morning so I could watch live tonight.

They are announcing everyone and their partners, which is a good move. They should do this every week. It's like the opening credits to Bachelor in Paradise, or Real Housewives, or probably any other reality show.

Erin just said lets start with "the singer and broadway star," and I immediately thought she was saying Jordan Fisher was going to lead off, but NOPE. It's Debbie Gibson. Again, who???? I'm bored.  Don't care about scores anymore.

Nikki Bella is dancing for her Nana tonight, so hopefully she doesn't throw in any body slams again. Her foot pop at the end was hilarious. I'm still bored. Is this going to get better? I'm not sure. The theme tonight is "ballroom"???? I thought was the theme of the entire show.

Ughhh I'm bored and tired and I'm about to take a nap. Who am I even looking forward to on the show? Jordan Fisher I guess, and Property Brother, and Barbara Corcoran Shark. And the Lacheys maybe. That's about it.

Just woke up from my hypothetical-turned-actual nap, and I missed Property Brother Drew Scott, and who knows who else. ugh. I think I missed the violin girl and Barbara Corcoran Shark which is a little upsetting.

Vanessa Lachey is like hysterically crying again after her dance. Probably because her toe hurt? Not sure. Carrie Ann is speaking to Vanessa in code, something about "to the pinky"???? Vanessa is literally crying but won't talk about it.

I'm actually excited for Frankie Muniz. His is the type of story that we live for on this show. Ok, yup! Watching him dance just fills me with a happiness that only this show provides. He is so intense even though he's so nervous in his packages! His movements are so precise and the camera caught his looks at just the right moments! So good! I'm awake now.  He is also so excited talking about physical therapy, cryo, yoga, sauna, all so he can be on the show! What a guy!

Terrell Owens just dissed Barbara Corcoran Shark because he only got one point better than her, which is rude. Over this. He is fighting with Cheryl in the package. She just said "boo hoo" to him at the very end and now they're dancing haha. Cheryl's choreography really makes their dancing seem better than it really is I think. The judges seemed overly critical of them last week, which they probably regret considering they were the first couple dancing. Terrell just did a WORM /BODY ROLL on top of Cheryl laying down on the dance floor, so that's interesting. Carrie Ann is fanning herself. Tom just said they were at a disadvantage for opening the show, and now Len is arguing and saying its not a "political debate." IS LEN A RACIST??? Len hates Terrell.

Apparently there's an elimination tonight and tomorrow? Are there too many dancers or something? Is this how they have fit in 25 seasons in like 5 years?

PLL Sasha Pierterse is on and I may fall asleep again. Where's Nick Lachey? Did he already dance? I guess I will have to rely on the youtube vids for that.  Gleb is using a lot of distractions to get viewers looking different ways. She got a way better score than I thought she was going to get. I thought Len was dissing her and she didn't understand, but clearly not since he gave her an 8???

Victoria Arlen is also really cool and positive and like sunshine basically.  Obsessed that she's dancing to LWYMMD. This is really good! Idk if its because of the song or what. The ending was weird, the vampire thing came out of nowhere.

OK Derek Fisher's mom I thought for sure was Jordan Fisher's mom because she has an amazing voice. She just called the judge's criticism of Derek SPOT ON hahaha what a gal. She should be on this show every week.

Lindsay is the best professional dancer, and I'm so glad she is Jordan Fisher's partner. They can truly win it! They have the best young energy that I think will get them to win. Even though they are doing a slow Viennese Waltz today.  His moves are very precise and Lindsay knows she can choreograph a lot for him and he will be able to execute. So good! They do just seem like great friends! Len is calling it staccato and sharp, but keeps repeating that he liked it, and called Jordan a terrific dancer.

Guess I did miss Nick and Barb. It's almost time for elimination...they are not good at time here. There are 3 minutes left so they can't drag out the elimination and make it extra dramatic, which is probably a good thing.

Couples in jeopardy: Terrell & Cheryl // Barbara & Keo
NOOOOO I didn't even get to watch Barb this week!!!!! I think Terrell and Cheryl might be out because of votes! Barb is a fan favorite right???



I'm upset now.

UGH!!!!! How could anyone vote for DEBBIE GIBSON over her majesty BARBARA CORCORAN SHARK???

Update: just watched Nick Lachey's performance via youtube. It was good but I didn't get to see the video package or the judge's comments or scores. Plus I had to watch a full 30 second commercial of the what happened in vegas moms before the video. Ugh. At the end it showed Vanessa crying again. What is with her?

Just watched Barbara Corcoran Shark's performance, so precious. She is soooo opposite of what I expected of her after watching her on Shark Tank. She's girly and bubbly and so cute! I'm really upset I won't get to watch her dance again yet I will be forced to sit through another Debbie Gibson number.

Unfortunately, Property Brother Drew Scott's performance was not so great, he seemed really grabby and handsy but probably due to nerves. When they broke out into solo dancing it was really good, but he doesn't seem very comfortable dancing with Emma. He could get better I think. Maybe it's also because he hurt himself? I dont remember and I didn't get to watch his package. Maybe I'll watch this again on Hulu and update tomorrow.

Do I care to watch the violinist's [Lindsey Stirling] performance on youtube? I guess I should for posterity's sake. Ok, I didn't get it. It was frantic and like about a butterfly. Idk. She is clearly good at dancing but idk about this dance capturing the hearts of millions/thousands/however many people actually vote on this show. It's the same reason that Heather was sent home so early last season.

Anyway, here are my votes:

My 5 Barb votes are now going to Frankie Muniz, and I switched my 3 Property Brother votes to Nick Lachey because I want to see him beat Vanessa so she stops crying. Jordan will probably always get almost half of my votes.

Until tomorrow!

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