A Trip to New York City

Compared to D.C., this post is not going to be as long, considering we only really spent one day and two half-days (two days?) in NYC.  But we did do a lot of stuff. I didn't seem to take my phone out and take pics as much though, probably because I was just ~LiViNg iN tHe MoMeNt~. Plus it was Fashion Week and it was crowded and I was too in awe of all the fashion people in the city to document them.

Thursday: early morning Amtrak from DC to NYC

I fought him for the window seat.

Upon arriving, we immediately dropped off our bags at the W and took the subway to Soho.  We passed a bunch of fashion girls (mostly all at Jack's Wife Freda), including Jordyn Woods who was filming something outside of The Counter.  We ate lunch next door, at Osteria Morini.

Very good bread, very good Tagliatelle.

Our main event of the day was to make our way to TKTS to try to fit in another musical for Thursday night.  I had decided we would only go to either Avenue Q or Come From Away, and according to the TKTS mobile app, Come From Away was not being discounted, so Avenue Q it was! We decided to go to the Seaport location since we could walk there from Soho. We got the tix, then went back to Soho/Nolita to do some shopping.  I didn't really want to buy anything considering I already had to sit on my suitcase to close it, but there are some really good stores there they don't have in LA.  

Casual fashion at Bloomingdale's, aka the only good public bathroom in Soho.

I was too full from lunch still to make it to an actual dinner before the 8pm show, so I got a green juice and Andrew got a quick pizza from Roberta's and I stole two slices. The pizza was comparable to Olio in GCM.  Then we ran to the theater.

Quick pizza from Roberta's at Urban Space, a cooler Grand Central Market with a less cool name.

In the second row again.

We made it to the theater on time, and it looked like this place houses a lot of different productions, including A Clockwork Orange, which more people seemed to be going to. The theater for Avenue Q was about halfway full. I had heard some of the songs from the show (blasphemy, I know) on my Book of Mormon pandora station, so I knew what the vibe was going to be like. It was pretty good, and about what I expected. One thing I don't understand is the Christmas Eve character, which is a "caricature" of an Asian person. She says she is Japanese, and wears a kimono the entire time, and also speaks in an exaggerated "Asian" accent the entire time, replacing all Ls with Rs and vice versa. It is funny the first few times, but dragging it out the entire time was annoying to me, mostly because I couldn't stand her voice every time she spoke. The cast was only about 5 people, with the actors for Kate and Princeton doing the voices for Lucy and Rod at the same time.

Friday: our only full day 

We made our way to Brooklyn in the morning because all I wanted to do was go to Best Pizza. We got coffee at Toby's Estate, I bought a new ring at Catbird (won't affect packing my suitcase), and then we walked down to the random alley that Best Pizza is in. 

Best ~vibe~.

We got four slices, and tried to buy a shirt but they didn't have any Larges, so we will have to wait for the etsy store. The cheese, pepperoni, and white slice were good, but the Grandma slice stood out the most. It's a square/rectangular slice, with a rich tomato flavor and thicker crust that made it different from a typical NY slice.  The guy that started Best Pizza is also the host of The Pizza Show on Vice, which Andrew and I watch regularly. 

 Almost posted this one to the 'gram. This is also the Grandma slice.

After Best Pizza, we walked around Brooklyn some more, then made our way back to Manhattan so I could sell A Little Life at the Strand. I had originally purchased it at Book Monster for $3, so I was hoping that I would at least get my money back, as it's a $30 book! I was over the book though, and I finished it, I don't think I'll be recommending it to anyone, and it was taking up too much room in my backpack. I got $2 for it, which was fair, as the edges of the book jacket were a little crumpled considering I have been jamming it in with all my other stuff.  I took a considerable amount of time at the Strand, making Andrew take photos of me with books, picking out a book, and picking out the right tote bag out of the many they carry. I settled on a denim tote with a Rosie the Riveter on one side, holding a book up.  I love it.  I also bought another book because I am insane. It is a cute (small) version of Nabokov's The Real Life of Sebastian Knight and was $4.95.  Afterwards, we watched people in Washington Square Park for a while. I really enjoyed watching this photoshoot in front of the fountain. 

If you can't tell, that's a light reflector mirror thing, 
and a suitcase full of clothes and accessories on the floor. 

We walked back down to Nolita to go back in some shops we skipped on Thursday. I went into the store Bulletin and fell in love with almost everything. I eventually settled on just getting a T-shirt that says "Supreme" in the Supreme font, and has a drawing of RBG on it. I'm obsessed. I wore it right away on Saturday.

I only took this photo to send it to my dad, the original grump.

After shopping, we went to Cafe Grumpy because I was getting grumpy lol. We had a reservation at Jeepney at 5:15, so we were also killing a little time before we had to head over.

Mecca of Filipino food. 

Jeepney is essentially a millenial Filipino in a restaurant. They played 90's pop/r&b music, there were tongue-in-cheek references to traditional Filipino culture all around but the decor was still cool and modern.  The tables were numbered in tagalog, the bathroom doors said "comfort room" on them, and my favorite touch was a Jesus statue over the "tiki bar" sign that was holding a mini Filipino flag toothpick.

Banana cue, Pancit Bam-i, and Adobo in that black pot over there.

I was overwhelmed by the menu, so many things I wanted to order, but mostly sides. We ended up getting a lot of the sides I wanted, including the kamote fries, the pancit, lumpiang sariwa (which I mistakenly thought was the fried kind, and was so confident I didn't ask for confirmation), and banana cue.  There was an "adobo of the day" on the menu, and the way our waitress described it sounded so good but I already forgot it, but we ordered it and it was really good! It was like pan fried with skin and had a different type of sauce than regular adobo, sharper and sweeter.  We also got a "pinay colada" to share as a drink, which was a pina colada served in a frozen pineapple, and a halo halo for dessert.

Thankfully the Playbill insert did NOT say the part of Evan Hansen 
would be performed by someone else.

We had an early reservation at Jeepney so that we would have time to make it to the 8pm showing of Dear Evan Hansen! I'm not sure many people understand what DEH is, not that many people know who Ben Platt is either, but I just try to say in a casual way that it's just the it-show of Broadway right now.

 I was very very very excited for this show, ever since watching Ben Platt's performance of "Waving Through a Window" at the Tonys. As usual, I have refrained from listening to the entire soundtrack, so I wasn't sure what to expect from the rest of the show, or even where that song fits into the storyline. I vaguely knew what the show was about, where the title comes from, and that there would be crying involved.  WTAW is the second song of the show, and Ben's live performance sounded almost better than the official cast recording.  He makes it look effortless and yet the range he is singing in and the richness of his voice is so difficult and rare.  His acting outside of the singing also showcased his immense talent for performing -- he played the Evan Hansen character in a very different way than I was expecting, and his comedic timing was extremely on point, probably because he gets to do this performance every day and has fine tuned it for maximum laughter.

Definitely not the second row, but the theater is not that big!

At the end of the first act, several people around us were sniffling and crying, but I thought that the first act was relatively uplifting. The second act was much sadder, but I only started crying during the song "So Big/So Small" which is the second to last song, so I made it pretty far. The song itself, without even watching the show, is SO SAD.  So if you're in the mood to be sad, here you go.  That song was echoed with LOTS of sniffling throughout the audience, tissues everywhere in my peripheral vision. It's amazing that such a sad show brings such loud and ecstatic clapping at the end, but it is really due to Ben Platt's amazing performance throughout the entire show, coupled with the idea that he does this performance multiple times a week.  Final thoughts: definitely in Top 5 best musicals I've seen, maybe 4th to Hamilton, BoM, and ITH. I am very glad to have seen it with the original cast, of course mainly Ben Platt! Rachel Bay Jones definitely also deserved her Tony though. Best songs: WTaW, Sincerely Me, If I Could Tell Her

Saturday: time for brunch and nothing else!
Does that look like whipped cream? Because it's not, it's yogurt, bc I'm healthy.

Our flight back to LA wasn't until 4:30, so we had time to get brunch at Sarabeth's, and I got to try it for the first time after hearing so much about it! We were seated right away, ordered the muffin basket, and I got granola and yogurt while Andrew got the lemon ricotta pancakes.  The granola was good and the muffins were excellent.  We couldn't finish the basket, so we got it to go, and they even gave us the jams and butters to take with us! These made for great snacks on the flight back.

Advantages to street closures for a labor union parade. 

I made Andrew take some photos of me in the street outside Sarabeth's, mostly because the street was already closed but also because I was wearing this amazing new RBG shirt.  The "walking in the street" photos are so NY and I really wanted to get one, so this was the perfect opportunity.  Afterwards, we walked around Central Park since we were already there. Then we hopped on the subway to JFK and in a few hours, back we were in LA.  It was a great trip and I'm sad that it's over, but we made a lot of great memories, many of which I documented here!  I'm bummed I have to go back to work, but also looking forward to working out again and eating vegetables lol.

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